Exclusive Interview Bonita: Music is the fabric of my nature!

The sky is strange today, I see a spacecraft in the sky and a strange blue bird in the window. I am feeling different. I pick up the phone and I am calling you, a strange voice says that you are out of range. I am going out and the street is not the same… everything is different! I know! I am not here! I am out of this world! And I feel happy! I see a red horse to drink water beside a colorful lion! People are smiling and I am smiling back! I am somewhere in the universe and I know that I’ll be back to you soon! I bought a bouquet of roses to bring back home! I am in the record shop now and I am listening a tune…. a beautiful voice, a catchy melody and beautiful lyrics! Used To Be Good. This is the song!  The artist? Bonita! Bonita who? I know her! Oh, God! I am dreaming! I open my eyes and I am at home! I never left home but this music makes me feel that I am out of this world! It’s so beautiful to dream, to travel, to feel through music! I found an inspiration! Her name is Bonita! A new artist, a new addiction to my world! She loves life, she loves us! And we love her! Poping Cherry proudly presents the new “dreamy” girl in this world: Bonita! Enjoy! (Interview: john Vlachogiannis)

Who is Bonita?

Bonita is a silly fun woman who loves to laugh loves to write, sing, inspire and most of all loves you.

Music is a story we need to express. A sweet touch. Music is healing for our soul. Music is Life! What means music to you? How important is to share your soul and your dreams with us? 

Its funny you ask “What music means to You” because that’s my favorite saying. It’s my tag for years. Music is my Life. What I live, Love, breathe. The fabric of my nature. Who I am! It is super important for me to share my soul, my world and my dreams with you. I want you to know all of me musically. I want to share my creativity and my journey. As a creative person my ultimate goal is the share that part of me with the World.

“Outta This World” came to touch our thoughts and now “Used to be Good” came to change our mind! I am addicted to your music! Every song is a beautiful experience! I feel ready to sing, to dance, to feel the power of sweet music! What inspires you to create music?

I’m inspired by life and real experiences whether their mine, people in my life or people I meet. Creating music is an experience and I take from all of life’s experiences.

Your first EP “Bonita Who” is coming to influence our life! How can you describe it? How you felt during the making of it? 

Wow “Bonita who?” is my baby. It’s my first project and I’m putting out on my own. It was fun making it as well as enlightening. I had to take from a situation I was in to create most of the material. It was easy to tap into the emotions I was going through because it was an outlet to release. So it’s about love, about life, and about admitting the flaws that you may have in love.

Do you have a message to share with PopingCherry and all the people that love your voice and your music? How important is for you to know that there are people that loves you?

I just want to thank you PopingCherry for being an outlet for me as a new artist to share my world apart me with you. All the people that are getting to know me and love my music, I say I’m doing this for you I love you. It is very humbling to know that someone or people out there are loving what I’m doing. Thank you #muah xoxo

Visit @ http://www.justbonita.com/

Bonita Gallery



Thank you SO Much for everything (you are an inspiration) Bonita!!!!


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