Madonna, my DNA!

When did your name change from a word to a charm? I realized that you are my DNA! I’ve been tested so many times and the results are the same! You are in my blood, your name pumps in my veins! I’m addicted to your love! When I was a little kid I knew that you would be with me all my life! I knew that I was born to love you! Your name was always my drug! Some people need a pill to feel happy, I need you! You are a rare and priceless work of art. You are my masterpiece! I look at you and I feel happy, is all that I need to press the button!! Music makes the people come together, I met so many people through music and most of them gone. But you are here and I don’t care for those friends that are far away now, I don’t need their affection, especially now that you are back and I am ready to triumph! You are here! We will be the winners! I know that! That’s why I can’t stop playing your songs! You were my DNA! You are my DNA! You will always be my MDNA!

Thank you for everything!

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