Helena Bonham Carter: Once upon a time!

Once upon a time there was a girl, a beautiful little girl. She was living in a beautiful house in the woods. Every morning she was going in the river and she was singing. Her voice was really beautiful and all the animals were waiting for her song. One day she met an old lady, she heard her voice and she told to the little girl: One day you will become a big star! The same night the little girl looked at the sky and saw the stars. She told to her mother: Mum, I want to become an actress! I want to travel around the world, to be in great movies and to find my prince! A few years later the little girl became a beautiful and talented woman! She came to Hollywood and the big screen became her playground! Everyone was talking about this talented actress and in a few months she became one of the best actresses all around the globe! A few years later Helena is on top! She can change her face, her voice, and her attitude! Everyone loves her! She found her prince and together they created some of the best movies ever and Helena shines in the theatres! Helena Bonham Carter is here to makes us believe in fairy tales! And we live happily ever after!

Happy ending!!!!


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