Exclusive Interview Hannah Francis: I am a lover of Real Music!

When Life gets you down, you just pick up the phone and call me! I will invite you to a journey! We will find a way to dream again! Back to a land full of flowers and vinyls! Here music is our life, our dream, our ego! Listen the flower’s whispers, take a breath and talk to your friends! Somebody is always here for you, you don’t have to worry! The skies are full of clouds, look up and see them change shapes, can you see that ship? It’s a magic ship made of clouds and starts a trip to a blue sea made of sky. Let’s get aboard and forget your worries, feel your mind explode, feel your body, feel your soul! I pick up a vinyl, press the button and feel the music.  I love this kind of music! It’s beautiful, it’s dreamy, and it’s powerful with a touch of serenity! Close your eyes and relax! Now you are happy again! This trip is unforgettable! Now you can go back, now you have the power and your music made of heaven! Hannah Francis is here to spread a message, to sing, to feel, to create your best memories, to create real music! She is a unique artist with a great voice and really beautiful songs…. These songs are your unforgettable trip to the sky! Poping Cherry proudly presents you Hannah Francis! Feel the magic! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Hannah Francis?

I am a lover of ‘Real Music’ and by that term, I mean an art of sound that expresses ideas and emotions, in such a way, that when you hear it, you’re instantly affected. So as an Artist, my aim is to do just that. I live to write positive, feel good music, so that my listeners can always find the encouragement that they need in my music.

I press play and your music fills the room and my universe! You have the voice of an angel, you can cure my soul! You give great music back to the world! Can you feel that power? What music means to you?

I’ll never get use to hearing people say such inspiring things about what I do, thank you, that mean so much. Sometimes the sign of a great song, for me, is that they even work on me! Lol. Just like everybody else I have my down days and I’ve found track 6 ‘When Life get’s you down’ to be a real ‘pick-me –up’.

The most important step to success is, believing that you have something special; and with belief comes power to make a difference. My whole life, music has been like that popular friend, you know that one who: everybody knows, likes, respects, has it all and on top of that, they love you even when you’re not that loveable. I will always be indebted to music for helping me to gain the confidence to be the Artist that I am today.

“Means to An End” is full of beautiful music! How can you describe the album? How you felt during the making of it? How you feel every time that a song is ready for the listeners?

The album is ‘New Era Soul’. I call it that because I feel it has a fresh take on soul music. The whole album project was a big struggle as I had to fund it myself and figure out everything else, the songs are a true reflection of my personal challenges. I like to tell people about my experiences but always put a positive spin on it, just to let them know that they’re not the only ones going through such thing and it will get better hence the album’s title ‘Means to a End’.

When a song is all finished, I get a bit crazy and want to play it to every and anybody that will listen and it is on loop on my iPod for days! Lol

Singing from a very early age, do you feel that music was always your destination? What do you remember most strongly from your childhood?

Yes, every time I try to give up I always come straight back; it part of who I am. Growing up I was the most shy of all my siblings but singing was that one thing that gave me my identity, gave me a voice. The first time I sang in front of people was in a primary school assembly and the feeling I felt, gave me a sense of importance and that gave me confidence to come out of my shell.

Do you have a message for Popping Cherry and all the people that loves your voice and your music? Do you have something you want to share with us? A dream? An expectation? A promise for your future?

To Popping Cherry and all the people that love my Voice and music, I just want to say a BIG thank you for taking the time to listen to my music and if you haven’t already please support me by buying the album, because I made it for you! My dream is to live a life of promise and leave a legacy of great music, so whenever I begin to write a song, I promise to always keep you in mind and make sure I give you ‘Real Music’!

Visit @ http://www.hannahfrancismusic.com/

Hannah Francis Gallery

Listen “When Life gets you down”

Listen Album snippets

Thank you SO much for Everything Hannah Francis (I am instantly affected from your music, you are an inspiration)!!!!


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