Exclusive Interview Sandra Nkake: I make music to connect energies. When we get together, we get stronger!

I woke up in the morning and I felt a touch of wisdom! I saw the news: A buffalo was out in the streets, people were watching, they were shocked but the buffalo was running! Life in the circus was boring, not getting better, buffalo was the project, was the show, but a buffalo needs freedom and not your applause! I wore my shoes and went out! The streets were full of police, people and reporters! They were looking for the buffalo, but…. this buffalo knew your faces, knew your secrets, knew the way to get around! I knew the path to the buffalo, the path to freedom, the path to become a human, not someone who learned to use animals for entertaining! I closed my eyes and I walked into the world! I saw it next to the apple tree, it was calm and happy, far away from humans, far away from prison! It wasn’t alone, I wasn’t alone! I saw the band, I heard the music! I felt happy! Sandra Nkaké was singing the song of my new life! “Like A Buffalo”, a new sound, a new song, a new knowledge, a new reality! A new birth! A new life! This music is weird, wonderful, refreshing! Sandra’s music is made by soul, is full of euphoric trance and it’s my freedom! This important artist is here to free your mind! Sandra is talking to Poping Cherry! I feel so excited and proud for this! Poping Cherry presents you Sandra Nkaké! Feel Free! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Sandra Nkaké?

Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Even if we’re far away! Music is a powerful link. I am an artist, singer-songwriter-composer-actress.

Your music is beautiful, songs of beauty. A touch of love, a piece of beautiful art. Your voice sounds as a touch of love. How important is music to you?

Music has always been around me, inside me, long before I decided to be singer! I used to sing all the time, walking, cooking, studying…Music has been a healer for so many painful moments! Music gives me the strength to face life, to love it and to take decisions.

What inspires you to make music that can touch our heart?

I try to share a poetic vision of life trough my music. Like in a movie or a novel, I try to build landscapes that make me travel trough time, emotions that help me question the way of the world, relationships. I try to give what I am, what I believe in, hoping others can find an echo to their own questioning. I love Terence Malick’s vision of destinies; I’m much inspired by Franck Capra, Jim Jarmusch as well as Nina Simone and Tom Waits.

Your album “Nothing for Granted” is an extremely beautiful and addictive album. How important is for you to create beautiful music? How can you describe the album and why you called it “Nothing for Granted”?

I wanted to share a cry-out to the world so that we can stay aware of what’s going on in our societies. Poverty always growing while rich are getting richer for example. I wanted to say that what we’ve built can be destroyed, and the decisions we’ve taken can be questioned the day after. This album talks about the urge to try to control one’s destiny by assuming decisions. All around the world, people are roaring, fighting for freedom, for democracy, for better lives. I can feel this energy, we all can feel it. I make music to connect people, to connect energies. When we get together, we get stronger. I called it “Nothing For Granted” as a personal reminder that I always should be ready to take new decisions.

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? Did you know back then that your life would be full of music?

I remember traveling back and forth from Cameroon to France, never knowing when I would leave and for how long. I listening to a lot of music to fill solitude, to pamper and soothe my pains. Bob Dylan, Georges Brassens, Edith Piaf, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, Chopin, Miles Davis, Tchaikovsky, Bulgarian Voices, La Nina de  los peines, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Mercedes Sosa, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Billie Holiday….. They have been with me trough my childhood. I never imagined I would be a singer. I first wanted to be a journalist, then a teacher. I wasn’t quite sure which road I had to take. I only was sure that I wanted to “touch” people, to be relation with the heart of people. Music chose me in a way. It allows me to touch people by being myself.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry and everyone else who touched by your music? A promise for the future?

What I can say is stay focused and strongly believe in what you think is true and good. Let’s not forget that we, the people, are The Society, and that we have to stay aware and aware for democracy to keep on being the standard, as much as possible!

Love life, respect, yourself, and don’t underestimate the light in you.

For future days, I hope money, profit, war and death would cease to be the engine of our world.

Visit @ http://www.sandrankake.com/nfg/accueil

Sandra Nkaké Gallery 

Watch the amazing Like A Buffalo Video

Thank you SO much for everything Sandra Nkaké (it was a pleasure to meet you! Your music is piece of art, an inspiration for me)!!!


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