Yewande Rebirth: Music is Alive!

Here I am, you don’t know me but we love the same music! The same melodies. Music makes the people come together in a strange way. What means melody? (Melody is a linear succession of musical tones, which is perceived as a single entity says wikipedia). Melody is a friend, a lover, a brother, a sister, is You! Ok, now you know what melody means, but music is not a phrase, music is feelings! Especially great music! Yewande is a remarkable artist, someone who wants to use music to express her soul. She can touch my soul and your soul. She can spread a message. Her new album “Rebirth” is more than a new album. It’s a new value, a new beginning, it’s the best way to spend individual, beautiful moments through a voice, with beautiful, interesting and powerful music! I am listening again and again this Alternative Soul Power! I love her voice because she can touch my heart. I love her music because it’s attractive full of power, full of lyricism! I love her lyrics because it’s my thoughts, my feelings, my words, my message…. Yewande can express my soul through her songs and this is a beautiful feeling! I Reborn and I know that tomorrow will be Better. Give me One More Time and I will give you my breath. You make me feel good, this is a dream and I feel Amazing, I feel your power because you are The One! What about love? What happened to my fairytales? This Woman can sing my fairytales and make me feel like a Superman, I can be the winner in this War, nobody needs this war, we only need love! I am not a Dangerous Criminal, I am someone who loves music, someone who needs music, love and friendship! Music is my Skin! Music is Me! Music is Yewande! “Rebirth” is a great music gift! Is an album that you need! Is a way to escape from everything you don’t like! Is a must have album for all the music lovers! Listen it, Feel it, Love it! It’s not a fairytale, it’s the truth! Music is here! Can you feel your Rebirth?

Read the Exclusive Interview:

Thank you!


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