Exclusive Interview Josey: Music always has been a sense of escape for me!

Today the sun plays on the sky, I see the light and then raindrops… strange day! I am ready to go but I can’t find my cell phone and my keys are long gone! I turn on the radio and cruising through the airwaves, I gotta find that song. Wait, that’s it! Is playing on my favorite station and to the next one…. also in the next one too! What? Radio memory stuck, shot and playing crazy that song! I am leaving without my keys, my dog is barking, the neighbor is crying and my best friend sings that song! I think I’m going crazy! I am going to my doctor, she changed the color in her office, and it’s pink! What? She is wearing a red apron and playing hide and seek with her associates and they are listening that song! I am leaving the building, I am at the bus station and I am listening that song! A girl is dancing, an old woman sings, a little boy is laughing and a cat meow! This city seems like a playground! Everyone is in the mood, they are talking loud, they are laughing, they are dancing and they are singing that song! The next minute you are coming, you are smiling and you say: Let’s go! I am feeling good now that you are here! Now I am in the mood too! We are in the park now, the party is here! And we are playing that song! There are some tracks that stuck in your head! Tracks that follows your mood! Josey’s “Stuck In My Head” is THAT song! A fresh, pop, dance track that you wanna play all day! Josey is not only the new Pop Star but he is ready to become your new Pop Hero! Poping Cherry proudly presents you Josey, he talks, he shares his thoughts with us and he is going stuck in your head! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Josey?   

I am an American Pop singer/songwriter originally from Bardstown, Kentucky. I am now based in Miami, Florida where I am recording my upcoming album.

That’s a hot track, think I kinda like that, hit me with the playback, now it’s stuck in my head! Hey! That’s you first pop single! What means this track to you? How can you describe it?

Well the song actually is really important to me because it was my first creative step into the pop world and I’m so excited for how it turned out. I really wanted to take my writing to another level and experiment with different ways to incorporate my thoughts into a song…and this was one of the first pop songs I wrote! So I was not only excited for it to have come out the way it did, but also for it to be my first single. I wanted attitude and sincerity to be represented in this song, and since it is based on a real situation I experienced, I think it portray’s that. I would describe it as an acoustically driven dance song~ haha.

When you were a kid what dreams did you have? How easy was to follow your dreams? Do you feel that music was always your destination? Do you work on something new now?

Honestly, I do feel like music was always my destination in life, I just didn’t realize it until it came around to me. I was about a junior in high school when I became active in choir and began to really sing. Songwriting came later, but is now my noted craft. I work on something all the time, and it’s funny how songs come to me at the strangest times and places. Sometimes I’m inspired in a restaurant or literally in the middle of a conversation with someone. People probably think I’m crazy when I all of a sudden pause and start typing on my phone to remember lyrics!

Music is passion! Music is a story we need to express! Maybe a way to escape from those bad days! Music is Life! How important is for you to create music? To share your soul and your dreams with us?

It’s extremely important to me. That is why I write the way I write. Music always has been a sense of escape for me, especially when I feel like I can relate to a song’s lyrics. I write based on experiences I have with people based on certain situations, or certain wants or regrets.  Every type of feeling I may be going through, I write about. I have found that most people relate to what I’m feeling, so it helps me to really open up when writing, because I know there is someone else out there going through what I am going through.

What inspires you in life? Who are your musical inspirations?

Every day is a new adventure for me and I’m blessed to have accomplished what I have so far. I think my relationships with people though inspire me the most. They constantly remind me to live and enjoy the current moment as opposed to always living in the future, which I can sometimes tend to do. So that’s inspiring for me.

My songwriting influences would have to be Keith Urban and John Mayer. I’d love to collaborate with them!

Entertainer wise, I would say one of the coolest eye catching shows I have seen was Lady Gaga. Her show kept me interested and watching the entire time. Another incredible entertainer is Carrie Underwood. Not a single note was missed in her performance and she is vocally one of the most powerful voices I’ve ever heard live!

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry and all your fans?

It’s just incredible the support I’ve received from this single and I can’t thank everyone enough. I feel like I’m a product of everyone who writes to me, follows and supports me. Almost like we are all in this creating music. Its great and I hope to be blessed with this continuous support as my career continues on!

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Visit @ http://www.joseygreenwell.com/ 

Josey Gallery

Listen “Stuck In My Head”

Thank you SO much for everything Josey (Now THAT song, your song is stuck in my head-You Rock)!


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