Exclusive Interview Temika Moore: Are you now ready to know the truth?

I’m not ok, I’m not doing fine, so many things going on to my life. I was always there for everyone, I was there to talk, to smile, I was the clown when they were feeling sad. They were laughing, they thought I was fine. And then one day, I realized that I couldn’t be a clown forever. I felt that I became a freak, I was looking on my mirror and I finally saw the white mask, the red nose and my (fantasy) clown costume. I wasn’t fine. Someday you need to think, to change the way you are. You have to protect yourself, your mind, your heart! Don’t give up hope! Think the real you! Now I don’t care what people need, now I don’t care what they want, now I care about my desires! Is it really that simple? Oh, yes it is! I took a trip back to my memory lane. I saw that little kid, my family and me. I saw my room full of my toys, I saw my books, I felt my happiness, I heard the nursery rhyme, I read my bedtime stories, I saw the poplar tree! That poplar tree was my refuge! Under her leaves I was feeling happy, that two-faceted leaves were brighter under the moonlight, when I was lying under my poplar and I was singing that old soul song…. Today I am ok! I went back home again! I found my poplar tree alive, I think she shook her leaves, she invited me under her shade. Tonight I will go back to her love! Tonight I will see the stars again and I will sing that new soul song! “The End of Me” is a song I love, that song means my new start, my new Me! Now I feel New! Now I feel Happy again! Temika Moore gave me a chance to go back through her voice, to think, to dream, to restart myself! She is an incredibly artist, with a marvellous, penetrating voice! Today she came to talk with me, to share her thoughts! Poping Cherry Proudly presents a splendid, unique artist! Are you ready to meet your new soul? (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Temika Moore?

Temika Moore is evolving. The reality of life is that I will never be who I was before today no matter how hard I work to rekindle the nostalgia of yesterday. At this phase of my life, I am more concerned with living authentically in harmony with myself and others. I am more concerned with love than lust; truth than tales and the honesty of a lyric more than the beat.

Music is feelings, is love, is life. People are thirsty for real music. We need beautiful tunes to breathe deeper. Your voice is a gift from heaven, a touch of love. What inspires you in music, in life? What can inspire you to create so great music? Which is the real music?

That’s for certain; music is an amalgamation of feelings. I am inspired by internal reflection, hearing conversations, reading non-fiction, listening to the joys and pains of everyday life. I chronicle life through song. Real music to me if music that is transparent that gets to the heart of what one is feeling. It is a clearly articulated thought, idea or feeling expressed to melody to make it digestible for the ear.

Your new EP “The End Of Me” is a well-blended musical cocktail for music lovers! Can you describe the music, the process of creating these songs and why you called it “The End Of Me”?

The End Of Me – The EP is the first installment of a collection of songs chronicling my journey to find and understand love – God’s love. The End of Me marks the beginning of realizing the gravity of the notion life is neither predictable nor simple. While recording this project I was forced to face things I thought I believed and discover things I never imagined. I remember having a conversation one day with my 80+ year-old great aunt and I remember saying to her, “No one told me life would be this hard.” I remember her matter-of-fact response hit me at the center of my soul. She simply said, “You never asked.” This led me to reflect on other areas of my life to uncover other things “I never asked.” Suddenly, I realized I’d unearthed a long list of questions that begged to be answered. I was always pretty certain I knew what I wanted out of life. However, I realized I never asked God what does he want for me? What is in my life that shouldn’t be? Why do the same situations resurface over and over but with different characters? Why do I make choices that appear to be right at first but eventually fall apart? What am I here to do? What really matters in the end?

In recording this project I spent a lot of time reflecting, reading, studying, listening, praying, crying, apologizing, repenting, forgiving, asking, thinking, understanding…healing. I now know the answers to some of my questions. But, I’ll spend the rest of my journey discovering answers to the questions that remain. I hope The End Of Me sparks a fire in you that starts the momentum for asking the “tough questions.” I believe we are all yearning to understand our individual maladies. I believe when we come to the end of ourselves that’s when God can speak, and that’s when our ears and heart can hear his gentle whisper saying…“Are you now ready to know the truth?”

When you were a kid what dreams did you have? How easy was to follow your dreams? Do you feel that music was always your destination?

Great question. I’ve always known who I didn’t want to be from a young age. I knew I wanted to create music. I knew I was not “normal.” I was inspired by seeing Stacey Lattisaw perform on Soul Train as a young child. Since then I have spent my life working to become all that I had envisioned for myself. I’ve studied music, I went to performing arts schools, enrolled in music courses in college, and have performed at every kind of venue imaginable to hone my craft and live out the dream I saw for myself. It has not been easy to follow my dreams. There are crowds of negative voices both internally and externally that threaten to derail my dreams everyday. But, I guess that’s part of the journey learning to fight through it and still keep moving in spite of it. I realized it’s all connected. Pursuing my dream has brought to light so many things about my life and character that I needed to address in order to be a whole person. I am thankful for each and every experience that has brought me to this point in my life. They were challenging, yet I am very thankful.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry and everyone else who touched by your music? A promise for the future?

Yes, I am so encouraged by the hearts of people who are supporting indie soul artists like yourself. I have never been more thankful for the opportunity to share my music and journey with people in hopes that it will help people look at life differently. Perception is so key to happiness and fulfillment in life. If one believes their life is a complete mess it probably is just because of the amazing ability our emotions and mind has over us. However, if you see the beauty in the mess and appreciate who you are becoming in the process there is much to be gleaned from it that makes for great conversations, great songs, great movies, great products, great opportunities and most importantly getting to a place of contentment to finally appreciate what is important in life and what really matters…loving God and people. That is success fo’ sho’!

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Thank you for EVERYTHING Temika Moore (Now I found myself! Now I heard God! Now I am OK!)


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