Tori Amos is the Spark of my Life!

I am not from your tribe, I am not one of you, I am alone, I love my loneliness, I am not a part of the circus you’re in. Everybody knows I am your friend, everybody knows I am your man. I am this orbital ball from the fringes of The Milky Way, I have a melody, you like my words, this is my message, this is my spark. In this battle of the minds, I give love, you give war. I give my soul to the ice cream assassin, I give my soul to the universe. You feel upset, come to my raspberry swirl, feel the flavor, read my mind, give love! How many fates turn around in the universe? How many ballerinas have fins that you’ll never find? Dance! You thought that you were the bomb, yeah well so did I but I was the fire! She is my spark, she is my light above my soul. She’s addicted to chocolate patches, I am convinced I could hold back a glacier, she gave me strength, she gave hope. I was in my room, I was talking, I was creating, I was cheating my fears, I was ready to win. Then I went there, they gave me promises, they gave me a box full of lies. I believed. She came back with her light, she gave me all my dreams back, I won! I am addicted to her chocolate patches, I addicted to her! She is my friend! I press a button and she comes again and again. We are together all these years! I am a candle made from life and she is my spark! We shine together!

Thank you!


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