Jody Watley in My Garden!

It’s a summer night under the stars. The moon is rising and a perfume comes to wake up my soul! I am in my garden and the moonlight covers my flowers…. The water comes among the Greenery and refreshes each stem, each resident of my own personal paradise! There are some animals attracted of my fruits and I invite them to join my garden. Here is the place where everyone has an open invitation! You just have to love flowers, trees and music! Look here: My Red roses, as a symbol of love, beauty, and passion. Next to them you can see my Poppies as a symbol of consolation in time of death. My Lily is the symbol of resurrection/life! My friends are here, they are playing with a dog, I am feeling alive and I am listening the music I play every night on my garden… Beautiful Jody Watley songs, as a symbol of love, a touch of happiness! If Jody Watley were a flower she would be the symbol of art, the symbol of beauty and life! She sings tonight, we feel the touch of her voice… This is a magic night, this is a touch of Heaven in Earth! Can you feel it?

Jody Watley performing It All Begins With You.

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