Soul Independence: Liberated. This Album was made for You!

SOUL: {noun} the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being, regarded as immortal.

INDEPENDENCE: {noun} freedom from outside control or support.

LIBERATED: {Adjective} free from social conventions or traditional ideas.

This summer night I am looking above the sky for my lucky star! Today life is colorful, I smile and I am playing with the stars. I give names to every little light on the sky! “Smile” because this is our summer! “Be My Baby” and stay close, the moon rises over the beach, can you feel the moonlight on your skin? I was “Mr Lost”, happy that I was lost, but, hey! Look! I am found! “Stay Gone” stay or gone? Wait, I just found “The Cure”! Do you need a pill? No, I have something better: When you feel blue, close your eyes, think positive and select your favorite music, stay there and take a deep breath…. Music was always my “Serious Drug”, the best way to dream! “Say U Really Luv Me, Baby” because I want to feel your love inside my soul especially now that I found myself! I feel better, I feel alive, I am the water, your are the ocean, I can see the stars inside your waves. “Say All The Right Things” and I will travel in your clear water! “Nothing Will Prevail”, you are my everything, I am “In Love” with life, with the future, today, tonight, “Night & Day”! I feel a cool breeze, I see the lights. People are looking for love and “Sex In the City” but life is so simple when you can travel with your mind…. I am not in the city tonight, I am up to the skies, I see the clouds and even them are in love! Can you be something more than a “Girlfriend”? Can you be my destiny? “One Chance” for you, one life for me… and now we play ” Makings Of You”… the last song! I open my eyes and I am still here! Music has the power to take you in places you never have been before! Especially music made by soul. You need a track to free your mind, you need a track to feel in love, you need a track to make you dream a better day…. but I have 16 tracks! ” Soul Independence: Liberated” is not just a great album, it’s The Best album for the real music lovers! 16 beautiful tracks, 16 emerging artists with a high calibre of musical artistry enthusiastic to showcase their material on this influential independent soul diamond! I am listening the album again and again and I am trying to find which is my favorite tune…. Well, it’s…. all of them! When the issue is Music you can’t talk, all you need is to listen! This album will be your best friend this summer. You are in this exotic island, you picked the best company, you are in the beach, the moon rises, the water is calm, you feel calm and the music plays! You are in the city, you have to work, you need to relax, you play the album and you feel calm! Everywhere, with anyone these songs were born to be your power! A great album, a great way to escape reality, a great way to dream! Music is feelings, music is love, music is everything! “Soul Independence: Liberated” is here just for you! Enjoy real music!

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