Michael Jackson A Guardian Angel!

When I was a little child I used to stay in my room and listen to your music…. Oh, God it was so loud! My parents were upset and they were yelling at me to turn off the music but… No! At school I was a shy kid, I was looking the teacher, I was there but my mind was out of the school! I was there with you! You were on tour and I was on your band! I was playing my guitar at “Who Is It” and your fans were screaming! But when the bell was ringing I was back in a class full of promises and childhood dreams. I was staying there and I was painting your name in my books…. I was looking out and I wanted to fly away, I was ready to leave my childhood, I was dreaming to grown up, to become an artist and to influence the world with my talent. I believed in myself because of you. Every night when I was lying with the lights off, I was looking above the stars, I was listening your tunes and I was feeling stronger than I was in the morning! One day on my examinations I took a piece of paper, I didn’t answer to the questions, I signed “Dangerous” and I left school! That was the last day of my school life! I knew I would never come back! I was ready to live, to love, to feel the power! I was out in the streets alone, I wasn’t afraid, I was listening “Give In To Me” (Oh, God, I Love that Song) and I was happy!

The hours passed the night came as a hunter in the city, the lights were off, and I saw a black tiger. She was looking at me but I wasn’t afraid! The next minute I saw a shadow. A man was coming to me… he had a knife and he was laughing…. I remember myself crying. I thought that I was dead, but the tiger changed, became bigger and stronger, she came to me, she took me and we left the place. She was running, I felt the cold air on my face, I felt alive, strong and lucky! We were running and I saw the city lights to shine again! Tiger took me to a theater, she left me, she looked at me and she smiled…. Yes, she did! After that, the door opened and I saw you standing there! I knew it was You! You came to me, you smiled and you said: Welcome to my world! You are going to be a star in my universe! We went inside and we weren’t alone! The theater was full of people! You took me on stage, you gave me a guitar and you said: Keep The Faith! Then I saw the lights, I heard the music and… I woke up. I was alone, it was just a dream, a beautiful dream, I wasn’t a child and you weren’t there! They said you left, they said that it was true and I was crying! I felt that you came in my dream to say Goodbye! I knew you came for me, because all these years you were my idol, my inspiration, my friend, and my strength! You couldn’t leave without a word…. I kept the faith, which is what you said. I still believe in me! Life isn’t easy but is beautiful. I still believe in you and I still see you in my dreams, I still listening your songs and I still believe that 3 years ago I found my guardian angel! A tiger? A shadow? A star? YOU! You became my guardian angel, you helped me with your spirit and your music! 3 years later I feel your spirit! You are alive! More than ever!


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