Exclusive Interview Paola Iezzi: If I didn’t have the chance to express myself creatively, I’d be very very lackluster and ultimately sad!

I am in Florence, Italy. I feel breathless in front of The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore! I feel the perfume of the years, I see this ancient flower in front of my eyes and I feel the excitement, the sanctity, the splendor over the centuries and I feel a mortal in front of the eternal and immortal power of art! A rainbow of colors made of history fills the mind and soul! I feel that I overtop my human nature and that moment I see her! A beauty Queen, wearing a dress made of roses and white, pure voile! Her crown is black and gold and she comes out beside a proud Peafowl! She has a basket full of red, fresh strawberries for her Peafowl. She gives one strawberry every minute and she receives a smile from this beautiful bird! She walks on a red carpet that is sprinkled with white roses. This Queen is a symbol of eternal life, resurrection, renewal and immortality! I go near, I want to take a bow, to see her greatness, to feel her benevolence, her patience, her kindness, her compassion and her knowledge! As I see her face-to-face I know that she is not just a Queen, she is not a mortal, she is a symbol of life, I can see the vault of heaven in her eyes! She looks at me, she gives her hand and I touch her…. I feel a power inside my head. Now I feel strong, I feel glamorous, I feel fearless, I am one of her nationals! Long Live the Queen! I go back in 1296 when The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore was begun the myth of life and I can see my Queen there! She travels through the centuries, she offers her beauty and her power, she is immortal! I come back, on the red carpet, I have roses in my hand, I am standing beside the Queen, the crowd cheering: “Everybody wants their Queen”! She smiles, she offers roses and gold coins with her figure! These coins are not for money, these coins are for good luck! The next minute I see a monitor. It’s a fashion show! I see my Queen on the stage, she walks, she shows her greatness and she sings a song: Xcept You! I feel fascinated from her voice and her song! This fresh track taken by the past but goes to the future! This track is just the beginning of a better life! The Queen has a name! Paola Iezzi is her human name, she comes from Italy and she is ready to make you feel her Majesty! Right now I feel that power because Paola talks to me, she talks to Poping Cheery! I feel so happy! I feel so peaceful! Poping Cherry proudly presents you a great artist, an inspiration, a new Queen! Long Live the New Queen! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Paola Iezzi?

Paola is a person with huge amounts of passion for music, visual arts & people, who desire to realize projects inspired by beauty and deep passion. I’m a musician, a singer, a musical producer.

I’m rich and famous, I live in a beauty and glamorous world! The beat is Up, the disposal is Up! Everybody wants his or her new icon and that’s you! Everybody knows that xcept you… do you? Your new single “Xcept You” is dynamite out of energy, a powerful track, and the best way to feel the summer feeling! Tell me how you feel about this song? What’s the story? How can you describe “Xcept You”?

This track was born casually. A very talented director and a fashion photographer from Milano, called Paolo Santambrogio, asked me to write a track for a fashion campaign he had to shoot. I saw the film and I thought, “Oh wow, it’s amazing!” First of all, I’m a musician, a songwriter and a musical producer, but I feel a very connected to the world of image and photography (I even delve into photography sometimes), I love the world of fashion. So I said “yes!”

I looked at the beautiful model on the screen and I started to write the lyrics and the melody of the song… I needed something very synthetic, which could include the feeling of that world…so glamorous, so distant, so hypnotic, so cool, compelling and fascinating for the people. But instinctively I set up a paradox. A beautiful creature has everything that this world asks for: She beautiful, she’s rich, famous, sexy, cool, she’s the queen of her world…she’s got everything…but she’ s blue because after all she cannot conquer the only person that she loves.

So, when you listen to the song, from one side, you identify in a world that creates a great appeal and seduction in everyone of us, but from the other side, you realize that all these myths are fake and empty. They represent the illusion of modern times.

The musical arrangement is inspired by disco dance from ‘70’s and 80’s..Moroder, Donna Summer. The two producers and DJs Marco Bastianon and Stefano Tirone did a fantastic job with the musical production. And then all the remixes by all our dj friends did the rest!

Everybody knew you as the “darked-haired sister” of the singing duo and producers of Paola & Chiara. Then you came back to the lights “Alone” and you created the “box for creativity”. You are more than a musician! I see the photos, the videos, all the projects and all the tunes…. You inspire me! I don’t know someone who can resist to your artistic universe! How important is for you to create and be an inspiration?

Oh thanks a lot. You make me so happy saying that!!! I love inspiring people…! It’s great! I’m a very curious person. I love people’s ideological movements. I feel a very passionate about the things I do. And when I decide to start a new project I put 100% of myself into it. Unconditionally. I realized, that if I didn’t have the chance to express myself creatively, I’d be very very lacklustre & ultimately sad.

You are Artistic Dynamite! Your magical power comes through your music, your vision, and your art! What inspires you in music, in life? What can inspire you to create so great music?

Oh well…thanks again, you’re very sweet! I’m really happy that you are feeling my projects, you make me feel honored & blesses. So, thank for your kind words.

Everything can inspire me. But i came to the realization, that above all, images inspire me the most. I can write a song from the moment a visual image strikes me or thinking about an image I have in my mind.

A photo, a person in the middle of the street, a movie. Images move me, much more than any other things in life. And of course, sounds as well. Any kind of sound.

When you were a kid what dreams did you have? How easy was to follow your dreams? Do you feel that music was always your destination? Do you work on something new now?

Oh! When I was a child, like just about all children, my dreams were constantly changing. One day I wanted to be a veterinarian, living in a big farm with horses and all kinds of animals and looking after all of them, another day I wanted to become a nurse and take care of needy people, another day a master chef (I cook very well!) then I wanted to become a classical dancer, and then a singer. I remember my sister and me singing all the time on my father’s rock n’ roll vinyls.

It wasn’t easy to follow the musical dream. But we were very determined and after school we started to work on it. We have two extraordinary parents (Guido & Francesca). They ‘ve always been very demanding and disciplinary as parents, therefore teaching us the value of being disciplined witch is elementary to a good work ethic. They have always supported us in our choices. And this is so important. I am extremely grateful to have them as parents and examples.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry and everyone else who touched by your music? A promise for the future?

The message I want to share with Poping Cherry now is, Thank You! I’m always grateful for all the fans who support and believe in all my projects. Always grateful for the family and the wonderful friends I have. I know that I’m am a lucky person and want to share this luck with others, through music and artistic projects.

And to all the people who follow me, I just wanna say: Please, Believe!!!. Believe in yourself, above and beyond anything…. always!!! In your feelings, passion, creativity. Improve them always, cause creativity save our lives everyday.

I don’t have any promises, just dreams and projects that I want to realize in this life.

Visit Paola @ http://www.paolaiezzi.com/

Buy “Xcept you” @ http://itunes.apple.com/it/album/xcept-you-remixes-ep/id537249135

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Watch “Alone” Video

Thank you SO MUCH for everything Paola Iezzi! You gave me inspiration, you gave me power, you gave me your Majesty! ! I feel so peaceful NOW!


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