Tori Amos, Strange Dreams and Raspberry Juice!

I felt the cold wind to lift me up, I saw the earth gets smaller and smaller and I felt that I wasn’t a human anymore, I was a ball of light shot up into orbit and I was travelling to the sun! I heard my voice shouting: “In this battle of minds, I do not give war, I give you love!” And then a flame swallowed me! Inside there’s a new world, a lush garden, a pond full of colourful fish and in the middle of this garden I saw a huge table strewn. Sitting around the white tablecloth were creatures that I had not seen before: mermaids, fairies, unicorns, all onlookers. They had prepared a dinner for me! And I sat at the head of the table, I drank a bit of raspberry juice that was in an extremely clear, almost nonexistent glass, and then a mermaid spoke: “Welcome back!” And then I saw in front of my eyes pictures from my life. Am I a human hybrid? Am I from a distant planet? When and how was I born? So many questions watered with pure raspberry juice! And then I began to fear! I wanted to know who I really am…. I wanted to wake up and I could not! Maybe I am not dreaming, I thought. Yet a sound reached the edge of my ear. A bell sounded. Signal from the other, the true life. And then I woke up! I was back…. But until when?



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