Santigold sung The Keepers just for me!

It was one these anniversaries! Oh, no! I don’t even remember which one. Family and friends all over the living room. The children were playing with a red ball, I was listening music, as always, someone was laughing, 2 strangers were talking loud. As I was watching out I saw the snakes crawl as a bunny was running among them… then I saw the green light! Then an old strange lady dressed in her green fluorescent dress said: Dinner is served! Everything was delicious, green and glow! The fish was ready to go, the vegetables were fresher than ever, I felt the taste of a green corn and the dessert was shaking, ready to dance! We ate and I felt the green light inside my body! Then the bell was ringing, a clown came, someone shot him, the television blew away, the children were playing (the ball wasn’t red anymore), someone was dancing, I was listening to music and the old strange lady was screaming: The house is burning! Then the firemen came, the police came, Santigold came, I was happy, I told her that I love her new album, she sung The Keepers just for me and we all went to the garden for a booster family photo! That was a good night!

Thank you!!!!


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