Amy Winehouse… I go back to black again.

You walked away and the sun gone down. Deep in that dark horrible night my blood was beating in my veins and gushed forth from my eyes. It was red, deep and alive. That night the darkness came early just before the sunset. I love you much but it’s not enough, my tears dry, my heartbeat is weak and my mind is empty. I left the room, I went out and I started to walk… I saw an old friend. He said ” I just think you’re depressed” and I said, “My daddy thinks I’m fine”. He said “It’s midnight, take off your sunglasses” and I said “Do you wanna see blood in my glance aside?” He was confused but I left quickly! Now I knew that I came out just to find the monkey man. I just wanted to spend time with him because once upon a time he inspired you. It was the day you were singing: “La la la la la la, Huggin’ up the big monkey man” and I was dancing under the moonlight! I found him on a mountain peak, he was calm and he said, ” Amy was here… and she looked so happy”! I took off my sunglasses, my tears were gone, I looked in the sky and I saw you shinning… I screamed ” I love you” and I stayed there… but that night was a year before… Now I am alone, I feel blue… I died a hundred times, you go back to your monkey man, I miss you and I go back to black… AGAIN!

Miss you….


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