Exclusive Interview DivaGeek: Vula is the song and Ben is the music! We just do what we do!!

My destination was to fly out of space to find another race. A few moments before my takeoff I was reading a book about aliens. All the mythology, all the conspiracies and all the truth. A friend came by to wish me good luck. He said: Be careful out there! Don’t forget Earth. Here is your home! I said: Don’t worry, aliens can’t play with me. They will send me back without doing any experiments on me! I am not the best example of earthly citizenship! The next minute I remember the pressure, the lights, the dizzy head and a boost! I was out of the earth! My biggest dream was coming true! I closed my eyes and I was waiting to land! I saw a planet, don’t really know which one, I saw a light, a spaceship and I felt a pull of. Then I saw my body traveling through space, I saw myself to penetrating into the alien spaceship! I heard their voices, I saw their eyes, I felt their curiosity, their enthusiasm and I felt happy! I found another race! My mission was completed successfully! I was ready to talk but I felt powerless. I just needed to sleep! I saw many dreams and the next thing I remember was my bed. They told me that I was back, the mission was a big failure and I had to rest! I knew that they didn’t know. I knew that this trip was my personal success! Then I heard that song: Alien! I felt peaceful! A great song touched my heart, my dreams, my soul, and my secret alien trip! A song by DivaGeek! I searched the web! I found everything about this great band! I bought their EP and I told all my friends to do the same! Since that day DivaGeek is my secret link to my alien trip! Now, they are here! They talk to me, they talk to you! Vula is here! She is telling the truth, my truth, and your truth! DivaGeek are A Beautiful Trip! Poping Cherry presents you this Beautiful Alien Trip! Get aboard and enjoy real, beautiful music! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

He said, She said…. I am listening! I feel the passion, I feel the power. Who is He? Who is She? Who are DivaGeek?

Ahahahahaaaa!! DivaGeek is myself, Vula Malinga & Ben Jones. I am the song & Ben’s the music… “He” &  “She” are everyone else who say & think what they want… whether it’s positive or negative, we can’t control what they say. We just do what we do!!

Your first album “He Said, She Said” is out! It’s full with beautiful music, music that gently, powerful can touch our heart and soul. How can you describe the album? How was the making of it?

It took 4 yrs in the making, balancing bills, work, time… just living life & trying to put that into special we are proud of. I think the main aim was to make something that if we heard it from someone else we’d be jealous & wish we did it! Some songs are personal & some aren’t but as long as it’s entertaining that’s all that matters!

Which are the most important things you’ve done so far in life and music together and separately?

Together probably releasing our own material without an annoying A&R trying to mold the sound then take some sort of credit! Hah! The fact that we are creating what we want & have the opportunity to let people hear it is amazing to me… scary & amazing!

Do you remember the first time you met? How was that? The birth of a new art project were meant to be? How easy it is to collaborate and how easily new ideas are born?

Hahah! So many questions in one!! We both met while we were working with an artist called Nate James back in 2005.

I was one of the BV’s & Ben was the guitarist. Ben didn’t really like me at first & he was really shy but after touring he got a chance to know me a bit & saw that I weren’t so bad!

I think a mutual respect for each other’s talent grew & we thought we should try & write something…

We ended up writing my EP “If U Want It” which we released 2008. We enjoyed working together so much we decided to do it all again but this time as DivaGeek. To be fair it’s always been DivaGeek, we just didn’t know it ourselves till after we did the EP!

Vula, can you describe Ben?

Well, I think he’s a very talented MothaFunka!! I’m always blown away by what he comes up with musically… He can be impatient but he’s very loyal & I find him really funny sometimes.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry and everyone else who touched by your music?

Just to say thank you very much for taking the time to listen & like what we do!! That’s all we really ask for & knowing people enjoy our music let us know we ain’t wasting time making it… Hah!

Seriously, I’d like to think we’re contributing to the good music that’s coming out of the UK & we’re just glad to be a part of it!

The fact that we’re doing this organically ourselves & the support we’re getting back is just amazing.. So Thank U everyone! Xx


Visit @ http://www.divageekmusik.com/


Thank you so much Vula (Thank you DivaGeek) for everything! You are my Beautiful Mind Trip!


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