Lady Gaga checked my email!

Remember the other day? I was anxious because I was waiting for that email. You said: Don’t worry, I will check your emails. You just calm down. 3 hours later you came and you said: Hey, you’ve got mail! I remember that it was shocking… You said: Well? I replied that it was negative. I do not think I’m pretty good for them! And then you said: Who really cares? You are better that you think! They loose! You win! Believe in You! We are Chameleons. We can change our colour! Be pink, blue, red, orange, turquoise, yellow, and green. Be happy! Be creative! Let’s change your hair, let’s change the face! You are your environment! Find what suits you and do not let anyone to reject you! Oh, yes! I am a Chameleon! Look at me losers! I am too good for you! I can dance on a single prayer, I can be strong without somebody there! When I’m on a mission I rebuke my condition, If I have this strong female by my side, I don’t need your permission! Lady Gaga is here by my side and she drove out fear and rejection! Now I am strong. Remember this: I don’t give a damn for you and your overvalued ego! Eventually I am the winner!


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