Exclusive Interview Quentin Elias: I am living my dreams now!

I look suspiciously through the window. The snow melts, the streets filled with water. The pavement shimmering under the hot sunrays. The room is filled with melodies. Summer came with a positive attitude. Here we are! These are the best days since our childhood! Quentin Elias is talking to Poping Cherry. He carries energy, he gives power! Feel it! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Your life is full of experiences! At the young age of 6 you found out that you love performing! At 15, you went to Paris with little money in your pocket to follow your dreams! You are a singer, an actor, a model, an activist…. So, who is Quentin Elias?

That’s true.. I started dance class at 6 and after my first show on stage I knew this is where I wanted to belong for the rest of my life. Maybe to get the love and attention I never really had/have in my personal life.. As an artist its hard to explain.. We feed of people energy.. We need to be on stage. Its vital, at least for me it is .

When I was 14 I left south of France MARSEILLE where I grew up and went to Paris. I had this urge of doing something with my life. . I wanted to be free and do what I wanted .. I had no fears at all. It was nuts when I look back and think how I did things in my life..

I do believe being an artist is not just doing one thing.. But everything.. I love to sing, act, dance.. Fight for my believes.. Model ? I don’t know .. I never thought in a millions years when I was a little that someone would want to take my pictures.. People used to call me ALF at school.. I guess that kind of stayed with me. The outside of someone change but the inside stays the same..

I don’t know who is Quentin Elias . I am still trying to figure it out. .All I know is . .I am a loving and I care for people I love. I truly believe that loyalty is everything.. I think.. Quentin Elias has many faces.. I can be sexy . arrogant.. intimating .. but this is just the wall I put around me to protect myself.. I am really shy and I hate blushing when people give me a compliment.. That makes me look stupid .. I hate that. . So I am working on that lol.. I guess you will have to ask people that knows me or meet me . . Who is Quentin Elias . I can’t really say as far as today .. I am still learning who I am …

Your music is a great party! Audience wants to listen every track loud, to feel the energy, they want to sing, to dance, to feel, to love, to be alive! Can you feel this power when you are on the studio? What inspires you to create music?

I have many different style of music.. It goes with what I am going through with my personal life. .I like to do dance music . . When I am single cause my life its easier with no heartache .. so all I want to produce or write is happy music.. When I am in relationship.. which is always a heartache I write what I am going through and u can hear the difference with my Rock album I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF . Really dark album..

The studio time is like going to work.. I need to really focus and work hard cause once the track is done and recorded there is no turning back.. That’s the way it is.. So the studio is the less I like about being an artist.. Now if we are talking about when I perform . .This is where I become alive and need to hear it out loud and see people enjoying makes me so happy..

What are your dreams and what are your fears? What you expect from the future? Do you work on something new now?

I am living my dreams now.. Being an artist. Being able to create .. Share and living my life out of music. Its a gift and I feel blessed..

I don’t expect much of the future. . I live day by day .. I have been disappointed in life or in people so I don’t expect much of either life or people .. It is why it is .. Time will tell .. I just hope I will still be doing what I am doing and be healthy .. that’s the most important thing to me .

I am putting ideas right now to shoot my next music video of the single “I CAN DO BAD” I know what I want but I want to make sure I can pull it off or without people take it the wrong way .. I just finished my tour overseas . . After 65 shows I need some rest!

Which are your favorite songs so far? Songs that you love most, or maybe the songs that reminds you someone/something special? Can you tell me your TOP 3 and why you select these songs?

I love love . ALONE by offer nissim feat Maya.. I relate so much to this song I love love the beat and the lyrics.. So that would be my number one.

The second is SOMEONE ALREADY BROKE MY HEART by SADE I love her and the title say it all .. Reminds me of all the assholes i ever loved or dated..

The third one will be SORRY by DAUGHTRY .. Its such a beautiful song.. How to really apologize to someone we hurt and want back in your life..

Do you have a message for Poping Cherry and all your fans?

Of course I do .. Thank you for your support. . You guys have no ideas each time I read emails from you gives me so much energy and fuel to keep going and do better and better. Ill never take my fans for granted. Ever. Thank you! Q.



Live your dreams… Now! Thank you Quentin Elias!


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