Exclusive Interview Truth Hurts: Only the music inspires me!

How can we free our mind? Are we ready to take off our masks? Just imagine your self upon that hill all these years… Are you a giant or a lover? Are you a friend or an enemy? Feel the truth even if it hurts! Feel the music that represents who you are! Truth Hearts is here to make you see clearly who you really are! Her voice follows you! Poping Cherry proudly presents you Truth Hurts! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Truth Hurts?

Truth Hurts is a brand, but an Artist 1st, a songwriter 2nd..A beautiful arrangement of several types of creativity…

Your voice speaks directly to our soul. Your music is a great influence. There are so many people that express their feelings through your music. How is that feeling for you?

It’s a great feeling to know your creative efforts reached someone which then makes it more than an occupation, it makes it musical ministry which is something deeper in that it’s verification for a songwriter/Artist, that their creativity isn’t in vein and very much needed to be heard by someone..

You are making the music you want, the music you love and you releasing it independently, on your own terms. Is this the best way to inspire people? What inspires you in life, in music? What inspires you to create the songs we need, we love, we want?

Well Artistry has to define the Artist so there is no other way but to create the kind of music that speaks about who you are and what’s important to you, therefore individualizing the Artist. I’m inspired by the music, always have been always will be, it’s only what a track or instrumental interpretation from a producer can do that will excite my pen into making magic for someone else to enjoy..Only the music inspires me..

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? Did you know back then that your life would be full of music? Are you happy now that you are in music?

My life has always been full of music..My father was a concert promoter when I was a kid so music has always been a part of my life growing up, furthering my desire to do music when I was old enough to create it on my own..

Are you ready to Strip? People need your beautiful voice! Do you feel that power?

STRIP is that power..Of course I’m ready to STRIP 😉 …I think everyone is..In that I’m saying I think everyone is ready to take off masks and pretentious costumes that don’t represent who they truly are..Especially where music is concerned..;)

Do you have a message for Poping Cherry? Do you have something you want to share with us?

The only message I have is get ready to STRIP, once and for all!;)¨



Now I am ready to STRIP! Now I need truth! I need true music! Thank you Truth Hurts!


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