Lady Gaga checked my Telephone!

I was sitting at home and I had my telephone in front of my surprised eyes! Call, Oh God Call! My blood was boiling and the beat of my heart was reaching unbelievable force! Do you know how it feels to wait for a call? I checked it again…. Is it dead? No, it’s not! And then Lady Gaga came again! “What’s going on”? she said. “My phone is not ringing” I said! I am waiting for that call I told you! “Give it to me” she said! “Don’t forget that I am you Lucky Star! You said so, remember? Don’t worry. I was anxious just like you once upon a time but look at me now. I am the cover girl on Vogue”. She gave me the magazine. She looks beautiful and powerful. I understood what she needed from me. So, I took my coat and went out. When I came back she was there and she was smiling! “They called and I arranged everything for you” she said! I smiled and I said: “Thank you so much again! You gave me hope again”! And she said:”A new era began for you baby! Live every minute intense! You’ve had enough and this is my prayer for you: Be yourself and we will love you for who you are! You are as free as your hair”!

Thank you!


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