Happy Birthday Madonna!

There is a Queen who isn’t a female monarch! She has not a King! She reigns in her own right! She possesses and exercises sovereign powers in our music world! She is the Queen of this universe! I like her silhouette when she stands on the street, like a samurai she can handle the heat, makes me wanna pray for the only true Queen! Today it’s your day! Your birthday and the beat goes on, we are your supporters, your followers, your citizens and your believers! Today we gathered around your birthday cake to celebrate everything you generously offering to us since the beginning! We take a bow and celebrate Life! We celebrate Music and Inspiration! Today life gave us a true Queen! We believe in you!  You chop a piece of the cake and smile! I know it’s gonna be a good day, oh yes! Because it’s your birthday and you are a happy girl! We get high and we still stay sober. We throw it down and then we gonna start over! The frosting off your cake made of gold and glitter! Today the Queen is having a party and We celebrate her Majesty! We all love YOU!


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