Emma made of Stone!

A few years ago I was a child. I had no dreams. Or maybe I was dreaming all the time. I met some who hunt for power and some who wanted to invade children’s dreams. Dark forces were fighting against light. And then I tuned the frequency! I created duality and neutrality. Where is that child? I found myself on a ship. I was traveling the seven seas and I grew my wings as a Flying Thing. The island was close and I felt like I was visiting Paradise! I met a fish that thinks. I went back to my childhood and there I met a little girl. Her name was Emma. She was made of stone! She was really strong. She had a beautiful story to tell me. I was listening and I took courage. She is a falcon but I watched her change to a grain of roses. I heard the alarm in my head! We were at the island. Emma came too! Now she is not a little girl. She is a beautiful, strong, talented woman. She left but we stayed. Now I am not a child. I am at the island. I am not alone. I see the sea, I see the moon. I see life. Now I have dreams.


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