Exclusive Interview Lulu Fall: I swear music can illuminate a freaking black hole!

Keep this rose, it’s a shiny red secret… This night of wonders I found the power to escape reality. I kept this rose, found the power to fly through the stars and talk to our Holy Father. A velvet voice inside my soul told me the truth about happiness. I found happiness through God’s voice! And now I know the secret. It’s hidden inside music! Listen Lulu Fall. She knows my secret! She creates happy moments… Poping Cherry presents Lulu Fall! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Lulu Fall?

Lulu Fall is a young woman from Washington, DC. She is based on extremes: extremely reserved to extremely boisterous; extremely excited to extremely angry; extremely self-critical to extremely carefree—(just a few examples). As a result of having such a dynamic personality, I have no choice but to put these extremes into my work, whether it be music or musical theatre. Growing up with a Senegalese Muslim father and a Cameroonian Catholic mother definitely shaped my personality. Lulu Fall is also colorful, grounded, serious, sensitive, absolutely passionate and optimistic, and last but not least, honest.

You are a singer, songwriter and thespian. A true artist! You can inspire the world. But what inspires you? What inspires you to create feelings in our souls?

Firstly, my family inspires me, especially my parents. As a kid, when I told my parents that I want to sing, dance and act, instead of laughing at my career choice and asking “where’s your Plan B?” they said “It’s going to be hard, but go for it. Go as far as you can.” That meant so much to me, and still does, especially because they not once tried to steer me from my career goals. If anything, those times where I’m ready to throw my hands up and say, “yup, I’m done with music,” they are the ones to tell me to get a grip and keep moving forward! Another thing that inspires me is life. We all go through similar, and sometimes exact, experiences, while on the other hand we go through things that we THINK no one has everexperienced. Life happens, experiences happen all for a reason. Life gives me these experiences, and I give back by writing and hopefully hitting people right in the heart with emotional, pensive and relatable music.

Is music a gift? Can music illuminate the darkness?

Music is the best gift in the world!! And it’s all around us. Music IS that universal language. I swear music can illuminate a freaking black hole. Music has the power to change your mood at any given time. From listening to instrumental music to music in a foreign language, what you hear has the power to reach inside of you, relate with what you’re going through, and completely take you out of that darkness. Music, to me, does more than illuminate the darkness; it elevates you and wraps you in the softest blanket ever made. Can you tell I’m obsessed with music??

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? Do you believe in fairy tales? Which is your favorite fairy tale?

I remember my parents taking my sisters and I on random car rides. Like 45 minute to an hour car rides. We’d just drive from DC to some part of Maryland or Virginia, and my dad would play music from this radio station that only played music of the African Diaspora (African, South American, Caribbean). I get goosebumps thinking about those car rides. And yes I do believe in fairy tales. I mean, all these tales came from truth right? I have a huge imagination. Anyway, I’m not sure if I had a definite favorite, but I always did like the Tortoise and the Hare fairy tale. It’s like the jock and underdog story!

What’s next on Lulu’s life and music? Is something you want to say? A message for Poping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?

Hmm, what’s next? Well I’m finishing up my 2nd album. Well I guess this technically would be my 3rd: I have a jazz album (that I recorded while I was in college), I have an EP of all original songs, and this current album I’m working on is pretty much an extension of my EP.  I’m excited about this album because it will be released under Broadcite, a crazy amazing label based in London, and this would be my first album that wouldn’t be solely released by me. I’m looking forward to the feedback of that music and the quite head-turning topics. I’m also currently auditioning for musical theatre shows, so when I book another Broadway show, I better see you in the audience!

A message to Poping Cherry: Thank you SO much for supporting my independent music, and helping introduce my music to your ever-growing fans. I absolutely enjoy the site and I’d love if you could take my music home with you!

My jazz album can be found at: www.cdbaby.com/cd/lulufall

My EP can be found at: www.bandcamp.com/lulufall

And of course, I’m on Twitter and Facebook under Lulu Fall. Please like my fan page as well! Visit www.lulufall.com (site will be fully refurbished by September). Thanks for beingawesome!!

Music is the best present in the world! You are the best way to discover this present! Thank you Lulu Fall!

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