Exclusive Interview Water Seed: We are trying to change the world and that takes sacrifice!

The moon is hiding a hard piece of my feelings. As you walk on bright paving blocks you feel that cool air blowing your hair. The moon is turning white and a thousand beautiful things begin! This very moment you need beautiful music! Here it is! Water Seed came to save the world of music! Poping Cherry proudly presents you a whiter shade of music! Water Seed are here! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Lou Hill of Water Seed answers a few questions about the band.

The moment you appear you wake me up with your music, your lyrics and your live performances! Who are Water Seed and what means Water Seed to you?

Water Seed is group of well-seasoned musicians from several different background.  Water Seed originally started a writing and production team and then grew into a band. Originally from New Orleans, Water Seed was displaced in Atlanta after hurricane Katrina. Since we didn’t have a home to go back to for a few months we started putting in work in Atlanta. We have released 3 albums since 2006 and we have been on the road non-stop.

Water represents Knowledge and Seed represents Growth. We work very hard to capture the essence of the american classic band with a modern twist. It’s hard work but who else is going to do it.

Do you remember the first time you met? How was that?  How easy it is to collaborate all together and how easily new ideas are born?

I wish I could say we all met in some magical way but it was actually a slow process of putting the right group of musicians together. We were so interested in putting together a classic band that we had to weed out a lot of people to make it work. One of our main requirements was that every musician that wanted to be a Water Seed member had to think of the band as a career not a gig. I would say time and time again to musicians, “If you are trying to pay your bills for the month with this band then you should quit because we are trying to change the world and that takes sacrifice”. Needless to say we have had a lot of musicians come and go. When it comes to writing we have been able to really work well with one another.  It can be a little challenging at times but we try our best to leave our egos at the door.  We are always pushing each other to be better musicians and performers.  When you join the band you find out very quickly that we work very hard. I think we may be the hardest working indie band around. Most musicians have a hard time just keeping up with our rehearsal schedule. When you add interviews, gigs, meetings, touring, and recording we find out very quickly who is really ready to be a member. We are writing, composing, and recording all the time, not just for Water Seed but also for other artists, tv and film. We shelf a lot music. When we decide to release a new cd we just have our own listening party and pick a few songs from our vault.  Once we have decided which songs we like we start the recording process. We usually start by reworking the song then we record. In the reworking process we always come up with new tunes.  So it’s like touching up our old stuff and then they inspires us to create new stuff.  Occasionally we run across an artist that we really like and our vault allows us to send them a few songs immediately.

Your new album is coming soon! How can you describe it and how do you feel now just before the release?

The new album is done and waiting release.  When we went into the studio to record this one we threw marketing, technology and musical reservations out the window.  We wanted to make a music lovers album.  Something that really showed our ability to write, arrange, compose and perform.  Most importantly we wanted to create an album that felt good. I think we did just that. We have been sitting on a lot of these tunes for about 4 years so we are pretty excited about people hearing it.  Most importantly we understand that we have to be patient enough to let the “marketing process” drive it. While the business powers that be take over we have actually started recording the next album. The music never stops in our camp.

How important is to offer really good music? What means good music to you?

It’s so hard to actually categorize good and music. I guess if I had to define bad music it would be music that lacks sincerity from the artist. I’m not a big fan of cookie cutter music. I like falling in love with the artist. When I fell in love with music I would listen to a song over and over trying to imagine what the artist was like as a person. What they thought about when they were composing. I pretty much dig any genre of music as long as it’s sincere. I have no desire to listen to or be a part of a sound that is destructive. A lot of people out there do appear to be puppets in a world wide puppet show. I guess there’s always been puppets in music, but the biggest issue I have with the industry is the lack of balance. There’s nothing wrong with a little fast food from time to time but when that’s the only option society becomes obese and fat off of empty calories. Sooner or later the industry is going to have a massive heart attack.

What is the most stunning thing you’ve ever felt when you were on stage?

The stage is a funny place. Some nights it’s the greatest feeling in the world and other nights it’s like pulling a ton of bricks. We have been performing for several years now so we are finally at a point where when can present the same show to a crowd of 5 or a crowd of 5,000. We always try to have fun and having good music helps. When it’s good the stage is definitely a spiritual experience. It’s like nothing can go wrong.  Every note is perfect. Every move is exactly what you intended. The crowd is screaming your name. Everything is right in the world.

Is something you want to say? A message for Poping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?

Yup…Thanx for the Support and Continue to Support Great Music.



Things turned whiter… the light is here! Thank you Lou Hill! Thank you Water Seed!


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