Annie Lennox is a promise!

It was a Sunday. This Sunday. My bed looked like an ocean. The water flowed over the floor. The cables started to flourish and becoming tree leaves. The window overlooked in a flowering mountain. A nightingale sang a famous musical motif. All the furniture had turned into flowers. The floor began to become grass. I created my own paradise. Another Sunday over the course of centuries marked a new beginning. This Sunday I chose to fill with her voice. Annie Lennox became my new beginning. Every word from her lips is a promise. A new day. A new dream. A thousand beautiful things began this Sunday in my room, in my home! Annie Lennox became a reason to live, to die, to breathe, to sleep, to try to make my life complete! To figure out my destiny!


One thought on “Annie Lennox is a promise!

  1. It is reasonable to you can make so wonderful juicy, crimson,poping cherries …. It is reasonable to can enhance our lives, with texts so wonderful …..
    continued to do!!!!!!!!!!

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