Exclusive Interview Myshel: Everyone has a reason for breathing and existing!

There are moments that you feel weak. There are days that something imperceptible may stop the way you think. However you can’t abandon your dreams! There is hope! You look high and you know that you can do it! You’re a human being that fighting for a brighter tomorrow! This is the way we are! This is the way that Myshel thinks! She is a luminous person! She is a stunning artist and she talks to us! Poping Cherry proudly presents Myshel! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Myshel?

Hello everyone, I am Myshel… a deep lover of communication, teaching, and expressing life and love through music. I am a very passionate artist that loves to get lost in the many layers and colors of music and project it to the hearts of the listeners in hopes to help nail unanswered questions within. I care about why people hurt, what makes them relentless and what sets them ablaze with inspiration. If I had to sum up my reason for singing, it would be to encourage hearts to NEVER give up, no matter how tough life can become. I am a Lover of people and I use my music to love on them.

You made your debut as a singer at the age of seven. Did you feel that music was something like a toy? Did you know back then that music is your destination? Do you feel now that little child is beside you every time you sing?

Music/singing has always been a serious desire of mine even at the young age of seven. I grew up around a few singers that I would watch and admire from a far. I found myself trying to emulate them as well as the singers I would watch on T.V.  Whitney Houston being the main vocalist that I was plumb crazy about. Celine Dion was my number two and many others from different genres.  It captivated, told intriguing stories, inspired people and was, for me, one of the most amazing ways to create art.  I had always wanted to be a singer but when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, a “singer” was never praised as much as the doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc…  Mainly because you see the hundreds that make it but never see the hundreds of thousands that don’t so the chances of me really becoming a singer in the minds of those who heard my answer, seemed very slim.  Yet I knew what was in my heart, a fire that would not go out no matter how long it took or who came and went… it remained. That’s how I knew this was my destiny.

I began to practice learning my own voice as well as studying other singers but had NO idea how I was going to get into the business. It just seemed impossible without the right connections. Next thing I know, I get a call from a friend to sing background for an American Idol artist, then to audition for another artist…and the calls kept coming.  I toured, singing background for several Grammy nominated and award winning artist and have met some amazing people in the business.  Looking back I stressed about how to get in and before I could realize what happened, I was in it!  I made the most out of every opportunity and every relationship knowing that one-day, I just might need to call upon a few favors.  It is paying off!!

I look inside of you and I can see a beautiful person, a beautiful voice, a true artist! I can breathe for you, I can take a breath through your music. Music is a beautiful gift, is a way to feel, to live, to cry, to smile! I am looking for artists that can fill my soul with emotions, artists that respect my soul. Someone like you! What inspires you in life? What inspires you to create feelings in our souls? Is music a gift?

Love, Life, God, countless relationships, overcoming difficulties, passions, dreams, learning powerful lessons….The high’s and low’s….All these things inspire me!  These things are the fuel for all of our lives. Without them… we sit uninspired without purpose and hope… THIS is not living, It’s merely existing. #walkingDEAD

Your album “Relentless” is full of tracks I want to listen, tracks that I can feel, tracks full of true love, true passion. I am listening and I am not afraid to love myself again! How can you describe the album? How was the making of this beautiful record and why did you call it “Relentless”?

This album expresses many issues that either I or others I’ve observed, have dealt with.  Sometimes if we have wrestled with the thought of not being good enough, tired of being single, determined to not give up on love even though your heart has been broken before, or declare to the world that through it all, you survived! This album speaks to all of this and more.  It’s about real people dealing with real life.

This business can be pretty hard on the heart, but if this is what you were born to do.. you will let nothing stand in your way…this was my “process” …..

I worked and worked…writing, recording, spending what little moneys I had to keep pressing (as so many other indie artist do) through successes and complete failures, great wins and greater losses… the creative arguments and disagreements, betrayal and hidden motives revealed that just broke my heart, the gazillion broken promises…the extreme sacrifices made by myself and those who love and believe in me…. things would come together then fall apart all over again…. many things I didn’t understand at the time but now see that I had A LOT of growing up to do… not only as an artist but as a human being professing to be a safe place for wounded hearts. I was NOT as ready as I believed and had I gotten what I wanted when I wanted it…it would have DESTROYED me and shamed my supporters. Growing pains is an understatement but I Thank God for His way of gutting us out only to gently walk us through the process of growth and maturity.  This is why my album is entitled “RELENTLESS” because I HAD to be in order to finally get to this moment. I vowed to Never give up no matter what.. and I made it!!!! Finally!!

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry and all these people that loves you and your voice? Everyone who feels that you are the Queen of his/her heart?

Last words. I believe that everyone has a reason for breathing and existing.  Let nothing or no one stop you from fulfilling your dreams!  The world needs what you have! Many die with unrealized dreams.  Books, businesses, songs etc…dreams that never saw the light of day!   NOT I!  I’m determined to give the grave an emptied body letting EVERYTHING that is in me out into the world. I dare not give the grave my dream!  I shall see the reason why I breath!  BE RELENTLESS !!!

God bless you all!! With Exceeding Love,




Now I know that I will not give the grave my dream! Thank you Myshel!!!




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