Poping Cherry Presents Ilia Darlin!


Visions and angels, along with shadows and half-naked women saunter in houses wrapped with music. Homes with huge halls and apartments in small buildings that are embedded in a narrow dead-end with basil, parked cars and bougainvillea. You look through windows and you see that inside have erected a beautiful concentration mentioning horror movies where the guests wearing precious fabrics and masks. The walls are full with moisture, romances and love that makes your pulse going crazy. Princesses lying on couches, between sparkling tiaras, knights and assassins, shy teenagers with painful flare-ups and nude dancers who swirling beneath pornographic frames and chandeliers made of pure crystal. Suddenly the chairs swallow the astounded guests. You listen that bang and the ceiling opens bringing strong winds and oxygen. They raise their eyes and watching ecstatic a cloud of smoke and fog to take their imperious princess into the skies! She has a seductive smile and the exuberant arrogance of winning.

Glowing balloons, loaded with bottles full of liquor crystal, fly over forests with trees, fragrant flowers and churches made of brick. Holy pigeons, wolves and sheep roam beside the rivers with running waters. Cars with new lovers and killers cross roads to arrive in the cities. They look like coming from a road movie with gunfights, strange motels, brisk swim in pools with turquoise tiles and hamburgers for breakfast. They running over high bridges and they feel that the sun would burst in their face.  Wearing dark glasses and drinking orange juice and whiskey they still thinking the last night with the beautiful women in a sensual, mysterious, burlesque fantasy. Dark clouds entering through open windows and the glowing balloons burst on the roof of the car. Take a deep breath and fill your body with rainbows, crystals, liqueurs and prayers.

Ilia Darlin talks about persons, collaborations, artists, memories, books and relationships!

10. Charles Bukowski.  Realism given cinematic. When I read ”Hollywood” I was 14 years old and I decided how I want to live. (The title is misleading)

9.  David Lynch. The joy of discovering a different world .A world that lives in another person’s head.

8. My trip to South and Central America. Parallel universes.

7. Amy Winehouse. Amy exposed her true value. She was the proof why and how someone needs to be exposed. I will never forgive myself that I never had the chance to meet her even the time that we had common friends.

6. Maria Callas. I think I was 4 years old when I first listened her in my house. That feeling overwhelmed me.

5. The depression I was through a few years ago. When you reach in the bottom you can see very clearly.

4. My collaboration with Billy Mann. In New York. Some meetings can change your life.

3. My grandmother Elpida. I remember I knew I lost her just before they tell me so.

2. My manager. “Do you admire me the way I admire you?”  There are people in our lives who are karmic and it’s nice to see yourself through their eyes.

1. My mom and my dad. Our relationship has undoubtedly played the most important role in my life. Everything I’ve gotten from them made me who I am today.





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