Exclusive Interview Brenna Whitaker: I am trying to be the best fairy I can be!

Just a few minutes before the premiere! A golden diva in her dressing room. She is nervous but she feels ready! A last glance in the mirror. She is dazzling! The audience is waiting to be enchanted with her performance! She comes out on the stage and the journey begins! It sounds like a movie! But it’s true! Every Sunday at the W Hollywood Hotel, Brenna Whitaker’s jazz and rock standards are anything but basic! But now Brenna Whitaker is talking to Poping Cherry! Feel her glamour touch! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Brenna Whitaker?

Well… My name means, dark haired maiden in Celtic Irish, I’m a Libra, half Greek and I’m an “old school” gal.

Through your life you have often felt like you were born in the wrong time! But here you are! You have a magnificent voice, you have a breathtaking emergence and you are ready to shake the world! You are here for a reason! Do you feel special? Do you believe that you are here to inspire the world?

Thank you kind sir!  I am ready to shake the world.  My audience has made me feel special.  They are the energy that makes music magic happen.  If you build it- they will come….

What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?  Can art illuminate the darkness?

When I google “Cab Calloway” and I watch old clips of Eleanor Powell or Aretha Franklin…. I love youtube for that reason.  I love learning the stories on where songs came from and hearing history on artists big breaks and struggles.  Walt Disney is cool as shit.

My dog, Gusto instantly zens me out when I get wrapped up in “life” stuff.  Nature and late night television inspire me.

I love documentaries and Peter Jackson.

I’ve been to the dark side and I’ve seen the light Carol Anne… I feel blessed everyday.

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood?

I remember watching “I love Lucy” a lot.  I grew up in a bunch of historical landmarks in Kansas City… some haunted. I loved sweat suits and I played the piano.  I’m a theater dork forever. My dad played the drums and my sisters and I used to dance our heart, souls and badonkadonks off in the basement.  My mom was always decorating Christmas trees and singing.

Do you believe in fairy tales? Which is your favorite fairy tale?

I absolutely believe in fairies.  One of the houses my parents renovated was on 20 acres and when I would wait for the bus in 2nd grade at 7am. The dew would hit the grass and kind of sparkle. I could see fairies everywhere. My favorite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty.

Is something you want to say? A message for Poping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?

Right now I’m recording 2 songs.  One is George Michael’s, “One more Try”.  It’s like a spiritual to me. The lyrics really speak to me and its gospel blues feel just hits a nerve. People really react to it. Mike Stoller {Leiber and Stoller} personally hand picked a song from the vault of 1956, it’s called “I can’t hear a word you say”. Ruth Brown did it but never really used it on album. I love the quick whit and the “message”… even though the song is 50 years old. It’s relevant to how I feel sometimes living in Hollywood as a “lady-women-girl-bird” and everything involving the entertainment business roller coaster ride with trying to laugh at all the bullhonkey.

Should I dare ask about your cherries and how they were all popped?

What’s next on Brenna’s life and music?

My residency at The W Hotel Hollywood every Sunday has become an important night for Hollywood. I’m writing with some amazing songwriters.  I’m working on my album, building my “team”and trying to be the best fairy I can be 🙂



I am ready to shake the world! I believe in me! Thank you Brenna Whitaker!





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