Nicki Minaj is my Leader!

I’m insecure. I make mistakes. Sometimes I feel like I’m at the end of the road. Sometimes I feel ashamed. I need guidance to discover the depths of my soul, a way to stay young forever. I can get low. I don’t know which way is up! But I am a fighter. I just need a leader! This is my gun butter, I play with my heart, can you hear the detonation? Can you see the colour? This gun shot was cerebral, there is no blood, only a multicoloured jelly made ​​from dreams and smiles! Now I can get high like I could never come down! I found my leader! My Queen shines in her palace! Her green hair determining my ego! She is in a bathtub, the scenery is impressive and the music is thunderous! Now I became a leader! Can’t stop ‘cause we’re so high! Let’s do this one more time! After that the queen will still reign here! Nicki is the Leader!


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