Exclusive Interview KhadyaK: Everyday I’m doing a rendez vous with myself to feed my inspiration!

I rented a cave in the mountains, I stay there with my books, my cd’s and a fire that burns inside my soul. Every night I swallow the light of the moon and each morning I am eating the sunlight! I have a rendezvous with myself to feed my inspiration… I love Life! I love Music! I love Art! I love KhadyaK! She appears every afternoon to bring me a slice of creation. I feel HAPPY! We talk, we create, and we are ready to spread the core of art! KhadyaK is here! Feel the art explosion! Poping Cherry proudly presents KhadyaK! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

I think I see your face everywhere… but tell me… Who is KhadyaK?

If Michael Jackson and Prince had came out of the closet, I would have been their adopted child. I’m Daddy Mj’s heiress, he taught me everything! English, dance moves, how to be powerful on stage. And thanks Daddy Prince I’m sensitive, zexy , I’m queen of drama (hahahaha). «Moi Khadyak» only feels happy when I’m on stage, I’ve lost my identity in a moto accident few years ago, lost the focus and control and got lost in time and spaces. But I found myself writing music, my mission on earth is to open the artistic way for Girls like me. Because I was meant to be everything except an Artist. I think Knowledge, Culture and ARTS are the Key of my amazing life. I love to learn, I choose to live a life without frennemies, that’s why I stay the fuck alone in a cold cave. I’m like a volcano asleep, when I explode I destroy everything. I like to surprise people not doing all the fucking boring same stuff that’s why I kinda quit working as a professional dancer. I have visions most of the time, and I can say who is who in a minute, I have an amazing instinct. And I’m really «gentile» if you don’t fuck with me.

As I am listening to your songs I wanna scream!!!! Life is wonderful! You are wonderful! You are a caress in my soul! I am not rude and I fake an attitude! Do you feel special? Do you believe that you are here to inspire the world?

YES I am special, when WE SHOOT fake an attitude. I had my second surgery the day after my knee was fucked up and people treated me like I was not the same person. I did everything because it was my way to stay positive creating something. I am brave and strong and resilient. Always get what I want. I’m not a role model, but if I could help «hey look I did it u can do it too». I will definitely when I’m dead rest in peace.

What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter? Can music illuminate the darkness?

Everyday I’m doing a rendez vous with myself to feed my inspiration. I like to discover exposition, or a clothing store, or read a magazine or going out inspire me. I have obsessions on things or people, my last obsession was Keith Harring, the guy is a beast, he was a freak-working addict. People likes him inspire me a lot. Read his diary OR watch the documentary on and on, it makes me feel better because sometimes I really feel misunderstood. Books make me feel brighter. Music is my mate, my friend and it’s cool when I don’t like it ANYMORE, I can take off the album out of my i pod. Music won’t be mad at me, lol. And I’m 100 % sure Music CAN illuminates darkness, it’s the link of every extreme moments in life.

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in Paradise? Do you believe in you?

Without my faith I don’t know where I’ll be. I’m already in paradise, I’m an angel of GOD, vous savez! I think I was too much self-confident before my injury, then I totally lost my confidence. Now I’m working on how to be fair. Like Bruce LI SAID: “BE WATER MY FRIEND”

What’s next on KhadyaK’s life and music?

I’m focus writing new songs hahahaha for my new project. Can’t say nothing more, it’s gonna be a surprise. Hope this year I’m gonna go to Japan, and tour a lot on Festivals.

Is something you want to say? A message for Poping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?




Now I feel the art explosion! Thank you KhadyaK for the inspiration!


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