Exclusive Interview Gentleman Reg: The farmers who sell me organic vegetables at the market inspire me greatly!

If I was a baker I would like to bake the best cherry tart in the world! If I was a farmer I would like to produce the best organic cherries you could find! If I was a bartender I would like to offer you the best cherry cocktail of your life! And if I was a musician I would like to be just like Gentleman Reg! He comes to talk about life and music and that’s the best music cherry I can offer! Poping Cherry proudly presents Gentleman Reg! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Waiting Around for Gold. Music is a gift. Your music is a gift, but who are you in your own words? What means Gentleman Reg?

I am many things. Being Gentleman Reg is just one. It was a name given to me from Jamie Thompson, ex-Ilands/Unicorns drummer, one day in his parents basement when we we’re just young folks. We were playing way too loud, banging on things thinking our band was the best but it needed a name. Only he knows truly where it came from and what it means. All I know is that it stuck. Like gum.

Solo Shows. Can you remember the first time you created your first tune? The day you realized that music is your destination? A little child creating a beautiful music dream… is that your life?

I can. I was nine years old. And I used to write little a cappella songs and then sing them into my tape machine so I could have a recording of them. I remember singing it for my grandma. I was always making bands with friends. So there wasn’t so much a moment of realizing it was my destination as it was just something I always did. I do know how to do other things other than make music, but I don’t think I could ever stop making it. It just always fills my head. I’m just happy when other people appreciate it.

What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?  Can music illuminate the darkness?

Life inspires me to create. Boredom. There’s a deep need to make things and have people hear them. There is so much time in a day, if I wasn’t creating something I guess I would just be consuming what other people have created. And I do enjoy that of course, but there’s just as strong a need to create myself and see what other people think of it. I need the uncertainty of the darkness to create, but of course you can’t stay there all the time. It’s necessary for a time, and then you just have to literally, flick the switch.

Leisure Life is your new album! Unique music, a musical feast! How can you describe the album?

Leisure Life is for the world. It was written and recorded with the idea that many people would be able to enjoy it. In the past some of my albums have been very personal and very quirky on the production side. More like art projects or collages.  Assembled randomly with the hopes that some small group of people somewhere would get something out of them. This one was meant to be a big production. Classic sounding. With tons of hooks, big choruses, and outward looking lyrics that more people can relate to. I think we achieved these things.

Do you feel special? Do you believe that you are here to inspire the world?

Of course I feel special. I would hope so, otherwise why would I think anyone would want to listen to my music. But ultimately we are all special. It’s more about what are you going to do with your life. Your time. How will you be remembered. What choices will you make. Creating your life based around music and art doesn’t make me more special than someone else, it just means i chose a path that isn’t for everyone.  The farmers who sell me organic vegetables at the market inspire me greatly. Hopefully as much as I might inspire them.

Is something you want to say? A message for Poping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?

Yes. I hope that people get to hear this album and that we get to come perform some of it for you live somewhere sometime. I’m one of those rare musicians that actually likes being on the road and traveling and being nomadic and sharing via the live setting. It’s just not always an option sadly because it can be very expensive to tour.  So here’s me telling you that I will do my best to get to where you want me to be.  Thanks Poping Cherry, for helping spread the good word!



I am ready to create: (cherry tart/organic cherries/cherry cocktail)!!!! Thank you Gentleman Reg!


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