Exclusive Interview Shalli: I am The Princess of Island Pop!

When I feel blue I just wanna fly high! I’ve been in the sky and I saw the light!  When I see injustice and subheadings I don’t wanna cry, I just wanna fly high! I want to come closer to God, to experience His blessing and His power! And when I fly music is my consolation! Shalli is my inspiration! Her voice touched my soul and now I fly higher! Here she comes…. Poping Cherry proudly presents Shalli! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Shalli?

I am a vocalist, songwriter, and performer. I love to inspire and entertain. I am The Princess of Island Pop.

How is to grow up in a house full of music

My mother is from Jamaica and my father from Dominica (French) so music was is very much a part of their culture. Growing up in a house full of music was liberating for me.  I always found music so natural and never even considered it a subject I had to learn or a career option when I was very young.  I learned about rhythm before I could even speak and I knew that music would always be a part of my almost every move. My father and mother planted so many seeds in me and I don’t think they meant anything by it other than to expose me to culture and watch me grow. My parents had no intentions of grooming professional musician, like my father was.  My sister and I always sang and loved to dance although we were not especially trained to. My father always exposed me to all types of sounds including Latin jazz, Reggae, Zouk, and timeless R&B music.  I am grateful for the experience I’ve had growing up and hope to pass on a bit of it to my fans.

What do you remember most strongly from your home and your childhood?

I truly loved to dance when I as a child and would forget who was around. In a zone I would close my eyes and forget who was there and I’m talking at a Christmas party when everyone was there lol.  I remember singing in the car on the way to Church with my sisterand my mother especially around the holidays.I remember my father (a percussionist) would have me play claves (a traditional Latin percussion instrument), as he would practice. I remember my mother, normally very quiet, danced a few times in front of my sister and I to Bob Marley and boy did she look funny to us at the time.

What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter? Can music illuminate the darkness?

Self-expression is vital and teaches me about myself as well as others about who I am. Sometimes I am inspired after I create, not having known before hand what the end result of a creation would be. Nature inspires me, people, stories from my past, God inspires me. Some music can shift your mood quite drastically. Melodies, chords, words, there is truly a bit of a science to the language of music.  There must be a genuine spirit and feeling behind music for me to see the light.

As a child you were a part of the church choir! How was that? Do you believe in God?

My particular experience in the church choir was very positive. The choir I was in as an early teen was a very ambitious group of young people. My first experiences traveling to sing and studio recording happened with that choir! I made so many friends and we all loved what we did. That choir groomed me in many ways. My love and understanding of harmonies are heavily influenced by my church choir experience. I get excited just thinking back. It was a special time in my life. I do believe in God. I still listen to gospel music when I’m ready.

Is something you want to say? A message for Popping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?

I just want to say thanks to you and all who have been supporting Shalli though it all. I would like to welcome new fans and encourage all you new fans to check our my brand new music video ‘I Fly’ feat Tiwony at www.shallisings.com

I also would love all of those who have read this interview to tell me what they think about it on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SHALLI and my Twitter page @ShalliSings



Now I fly higher! Thank you so much for this Shalli! Thank you!!!!


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