Exclusive Interview THESWIMMINGPOOLS: We want to take our audience on a passionate journey!

My love is like an unwanted child! I feel insecure, I eat no candy, I play no games. Dark is my friend. Looking for love in the dark? Looking for me? This is my revenge and Ooh! It feels so good! I am in a dark field and a loud music fills the vacuum, I feel vibrations in my whole body and the music becomes the trance of body and soul! I dance and the unwanted child becomes the center of your world! Now you need my love! Now I need music! THESWIMMINGPOOLS came to my world…. Poping Cherry discovered an ecstatic sound! Enjoy this musical dream! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

I feel like I could swim in a swimming pool and everything around me could look like a musical dream. But, who are you? What is THESWIMMINGPOOLS? What means to you?

That is a very beautiful image! So happy you found us!!

We are friends and lovers, one French, one American, brought together by our love for music- electronic music with emotion. We want to take our audience on a passionate journey.

As I Beating My Drum at the Edge of the World, I take a breath and it’s music! Music is Life! What means music to you and what inspires you to create? Are you ready to give something new to the world through your art?

Music is so powerful, so important… in a way, music and love really are the same thing!  Without love, without music- what would we do if we didn’t have them??

We are inspired by so many things, we find inspiration in Nature, lovers and friends, sex, dancing, drinking, drugs, and other artists like The Cramps, Roxy Music, Grace Jones, Royksopp, Les Rita Mitsouko, Iggy Pop, The Chemical Brothers, Serge Gainsbourg, Nina Simone, Robyn, Matthew Dear (to name just a few…).

If we could bring something new to the world, it would be something that maybe isn’t new at all but is so easily forgotten… PASSION.

Do you remember the first time you met? How was that? The birth of a new art project were meant to be? How easy it is to collaborate and how easily new ideas are born?

We met at a nightclub called Luxx (famous as the epicenter of “Electroclash”).  We didn’t really start making music though until 2004, when we made a clear decision to pursue this dream.

Making work can be very, very easy… sometimes a song can come together in a day or so and at other times it is a struggle.

Ideas are like pearls, you start with something small almost imperceptible and you have to be careful with it and protect it and nurture it and let it grow inside your mind and body and then you can begin to express it- to speak, or shout, or sing, what was only a whisper.

Talk to me about your projects/ your concerts/ your future!

We are writing new music now- we no longer think of making “albums”, but instead we focus on making each song the best it can be. Hopefully, we will have many new songs for our fans in 2013!

For the past 3 years, we have performed and thrown a party in a very special place called Fire Island- these events are like outdoor raves where we perform and then afterwards we have a big dance party. We want to re-create this kind of event in other cities and places where people can feel very free, like children- dancing and laughing and loving.  Our hope with our performances is to make something that feels transcendent, a bit like an exorcism… if you look at musicians/performers, even priests and pastors, this is what is always going on!  People are hoping to leap out of their skin, to have their minds blown, to feel alive. This November, we will be performing in Toronto, CA and then we’ll be going to Los Angeles to perform after that.

Do you have a secret/ a message to share with Poping Cherry?


Thank you Poping Cherry!


(Daniel & Christophe)



Now I am in a musical dream! Thank you Daniel & Christophe! Thank you THESWIMMINGPOOLS!


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