Exclusive Interview Brave Williams: I’d still be in a dark place if I didn’t have music to save me!

Say hello to the world! She is standing in the window. I can see her silhouette as she is smiling to the new day! Her pen is a risk factor, her voice is a remedy for your soul! She gives you real emotions, real music, a better view of life! She is brave because she is Brave! A Brave New World is here because when she says hello to the world… I can see a better world! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Brave Williams?

Brave Williams is a rapper who sings. A hip-hop warrior, a lyrical storyteller whose fiiine as hell lol. (Can I type that about myself? lol 🙂

Life isn’t easy…. You have been through some dark days all these years. But you are here, stronger than ever and you say Hello to the world! What was the worst time of your life and what helped you to come out of the dark?

The worst time of my life was last year loosing everything that I knew had been a constant for me. My father, my manager of 9 years from a sudden heart attack, my label deal, my group. It was as if everything literally was snatched from right beneath me and God was saying walk or be walked on. I didn’t give up. It took time to get my head straight and come out from the depression and mourning phase- but once I did- I knew I still had more in me to give. So I went to go get it but more importantly.. To go give it.

Music is a part of me, a part of every human. Music can do something to us! We need good music! What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?  Can music illuminate the darkness?

What inspires me to create, real emotions. I mean those emotions that you feel when you want to completely let go of life, those emotions that may plague your heart for the worst, the ones that make you 2nd guess and feel uncertain as well as the ones that make you blush, smile from ear to ear. I’m an extremist, so I feed off of all of them and welcome the honest emotions that we feel as humans. What makes me feel brighter is utilizing those emotions and creating a piece that maybe the complete opposite of what I feel. Directing all the energy into a song then listening back like, “wow”.. YES music can illuminate the darkness. I’d still be in a dark place if I didn’t have music to save me.

How can you describe your childhood and your family? Little Brave believed in Angels? Maybe one of them protects you!

My childhood was great. It’s funny because now that I’m older I have different memories from my older sister. I thought we had it all, I didn’t no that we were “lower class” .. As a kid you just know what you know. Even to this day – I still have happy memories because my parents did a hell of a great job. And I was always surrounded around love. A child will feel not loved before they feel how poor they are. And my parents did a great job protecting my sisters and I with love.

Is something you want to say? A message for Poping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?

I want to say that I’m excited to share with the world Brave New World as its release is on its way. It’s been a project that I’ve put a lot of time and dedication into and look forward to delivering. And thank you truly, for sharing my story!

Poping Cherry #Rocks



You say hello and I can see a better world! Thank you Brave Williams!


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