Bonita Is Hip Hop Gone?

We had so much in common. I used to be your sugar crystal on the edge of your cup…  I gave flavour to your coffee and you gave sweetness in my life. Everyday I was smiling, everyday I was happy! I used to sing on the subway, people knew I was crazy! No! No! They knew I wasn’t insane, I was just crazy about you! But one day the Hip Hop gone. I stopped my private concerts on the subway. My “audience” was smiling but they worried about me. Where are you? I lost my sugar, I lost my empty calories! I need you in my life (I need you in my diet)! I am listening “Hip Hop Gone”. Bonita rocks! I watch the video: I can see you there, I can feel you there! Remember? We used to live that way! The video is so beautiful, so sweet… that’s why I think about you! That song reminds me my own life! This 80′s inspired tune is the Hip Hop story of my life!


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