Excusive Interview Cornelia: Life and music travel together like siamese twins!


Welcome to my world where everything is wet! I live in my Aquarium. I spend my days with amphibians, marine mammals and turtles. I look to aquatic plants and I can see life! I am happy! I am full of memories! Life is liquid, solid, transparent, colorful, bright and full of dreams! Aquarius Dreams just like the song I listen all day! Cornelia is a magnificent artist! I talk with her and I feel her influence in my world! Poping Cherry proudly presents Cornelia! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

You write songs and in turn they rewrite you. So, in your eyes who are you? Who is Cornelia?

Tough one to answer. Lets play a game that can give you a clue.

C as in Curly

O as in Omnichord

R as in Redbush tea

N as in Northern lights

E as in England

L as in LA spring time

I as in Ink on paper

A as in Ableton Live

Music is a relationship. Someone loves, someone hates, someone listens. Music is life! We need good music! What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?  

As long as there is a story to tell, I’ll be writing songs. There’s no life without stories. There’s no stories without life. My friends inspire me a lot. Like the times I’ve been producing songs with Portico Quartet and Scratcha DVA. Or when we all gather for dinner at Kate’s house or go for a night out and a dance in Dalston. Discussions about life, politics and love.. ..all that important stuff makes me feel alive and inspired to make music.

I like going to art galleries to lean my eyes on a painting or a sculpture, imagining what that piece of art would sound like if it was a piece of music instead. Imagine how Mark Rothko’s later work would sound! Pretty dark and impressive I bet!

Plants, rabbits, people… they all need that arching fresh air to function. Do you feel that life is a dangerous game? Do you feel that music is the safety net?

Hmmm… Music is my magic flying mat, but it’s by no means safe to ride it! Life and music travel together like siamese twins. Both quite dysfunctional yet astonishing, beautiful beings. There’s no other way to describe it really. For me music is an artform that nurtures from and for all life in the world.

What’s next on your life and your music? Do you work on something new? Do you believe that your next project will come to inspire the world?

I write new songs all the time and release my music on my own label (Camp Mozart). My latest single is called Stormy Weather and can be found on most digital platforms like iTunes.

As for inspiring others I’ve planted my savage seed. Let’s see where it decides to take root! I’m optimistic that there will be at least one person out there I can bounce positive energy back and forth with.

Do you have a secret or a message to share with Popping Cherry? 

Don’t keep secrets. If you really do need to keep a secret, don’t share it or it will lose it’s value.



Cornelia cover

Free track give away


You’ve planed your savage seed and I can see the root! Thank you Cornelia!



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