Exclusive Interview Rhonda Thomas: I feel the Christmas season in the air!

Rhonda Thomas Little Drummer Girl

Just a few days before the Christmas day. All the family around the Christmas tree. The fireplace spreads magical warmth and the fire illuminates your soul. In front of your favorite armchair you wrap the presents. Hot chocolate, marshmallows and a Christmas cake fills your heart with joy. A Christmas album becomes the best music companion for the loveliest days of the year! “Little Drummer Girl” by Rhonda Thomas is a unique album for this time of year! Her beautiful voice and her soulful music come to illuminate your holidays! Rhonda is here to share her Christmas spirit with you! Poping Cherry proudly presents Rhonda Thomas! Enjoy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

“Little Drummer Girl”! A musical gift/ a holiday moment/ a beautiful way to celebrate the best time of year… How can you describe “Little Drummer Girl”? How did you feel during the making of the album?

“Little Drummer Girl” is a heartfelt work created by a team of artists, musicians, vocalists, producers, engineers, and writers committed to changing the way Christmas music is created. If you play the music without words or melody you feel the soul of each song. The lyrics and voices are just added bonuses. All are essential to creating an experience for the listener. Our goal was to record a timeless album and add a “twist” to traditional Christmas songs.

Growing up in your house Soulful Christmas music was a tradition. Is “Little Drummer Girl” a way to celebrate those moments? Is a way to share your Christmas memories?

Definitely! My house, my life was constantly filled with music especially at Christmas time. The voices of Stevie, Donny, The Temptations, Ray Charles/Betty Carter, and The Jackson 5 all blessed our turntable. We listened while we decorated our live Christmas tree and then sat by the fireplace drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows on snowy nights in New York. I wanted that feeling to be captured in this new album, but I wanted to create an era of NEW Christmas Classics.

What’s your favourite Christmas memory? Do you believe that the best Christmas is those that are on the way?

Waking up Christmas morning in my PJ’s after a night of anticipation, racing to open presents with my brother while my parents watched in excitement. I remember my Easy Bake Oven, Candy Land Game, and my brother’s Legos. The last song on my cd is entitled “Kwanzaa”. I now make it a point to celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa so that I can practice the spirit of giving. The principles of Kwanzaa acknowledge our faith, heritage, community, families, and businesses. I believe that these beliefs paired with an honest acknowledgement/celebration of the birth of Christ will lead to some of the best Christmas’ to come!

What’s your favorite festive song or carol?

Whenever I hear “Carol of the Bells” and “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” I feel the Christmas season in the air. “The 12 Days of Christmas” is just fun to sing, but my most favorite song is Nat King Cole’s version of “The Christmas Song”. I know you asked for my favorite, but I also love “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. Our version is featured on my album.

What would you like to find under your Christmas tree this year?

Wow, great question! My family decided that we would make our presents this year, so I better come up with something quick. LOL. I don’t know what I’ll find under my tree, but I’d love the song/lyric inspirations to come flowing freely for my next album. I’ll start recording in January. Can that be boxed and wrapped up?  : )

Make a wish for your fans/ poping cherry readers…!

My holiday challenge is for each reader/listener to make a conscious effort to do something special for someone else in the New Year without wanting anything else in return. I wish for my Poping Cherry true lovers of music to carry the torch, by sharing the music of an independent artist with a mainstream music lover. There’s some fabulous music out there. We’ve got to make sure that its heard. Happy Holidays!!



There’s some fabulous music out there, music like yours! Thank you Rhonda Thomas!


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