Marion Cotillard and the Tin Soldier!

Marion Cotillard 1

You lived in a Dragon’s heart. You were his soldier. You were his strength. But you were alone. You wanted to come out. One day you heard her voice. She said: Follow me, Call me Marion! Her voice charmed you! You wanted to see her face. But your Dragon needed to eat, to live. You said: My Dragon needs me here. He protects me. And she said: I can bring kisses for your beast. One night you felt this heart beating heavily. She was there. She tricked the monster, she was able to deliver you from your prison to your life!  Then you saw her face! A woman did this to you! A magnificent woman! A princess who found her Tin Soldier. Now you are alive! Now you follow her majesty!

Marion Cotillard 2

Follow me, Call me Marion! 


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