Annie Lennox is my shelter!

Annie Lennox signs with Universal

How many mountains must I face before I learn to climb?

How many wings must I keep before I learn to fly?

As I am walking to the edge of the road, I see little elves to walk beside creatures that were created into my dream. I see angels indicate their wings as they sing hymns. This day I walk but my soul is in the sky!

This Holy day I see some very significant companions. Beside me Santa Claus hanging out with his reindeer, Three Wise Men bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Today my soul is lifted through the majesty of those who walk beside me!  I see animals beside me! Α lamb is smiling. Aware of its responsibility and the majesty that will live next to the newborn baby! Everything is set to greet hope, luck, love, value, and dream! And I’m here! How lucky am I! Sing carols next to the infant Christ!

As I open my eyes I feel the blessing and the devotion. Now I am listening to carols in a unique, beautiful and special way! Annie Lennox became my voice, my soul, and my devotion! Christ the Saviour is born! Live the glory and feel love! Listen this special music! Annie Lennox is my shelter!


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