Exclusive Interview Kat Webb: I try to come from a positive place!

Kat Webb 1

Into the kitchen drawer, besides sugar, coffee, chocolate and everything that smells like life, I also keep a better picture! A picture that reminds me, my friends, my old school, my old house… my life! I keep a picture of life! As I am listening Kat Webb’s music I go back to this picture of me and I feel happy again! Her voice, her music, her words are full of beauty, full of promise! Poping Cherry proudly presents Kat Webb! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Kat Webb?

I am a soul/jazz singer born and raised in Austin, TX, and currently based in NYC. I have a love for all of my parents’ music, from Anita Baker to Bonnie Raitt, to Dionne Warwick, to Natalie Cole, and I do my best to display those influences in my music. I am classically trained in voice, all the way through college, where I took undergraduate courses with the Yale School of Music. Music is my passion.

A Better Picture! A Better Day! A Better Tune! We need good music! What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?  Can music illuminate the darkness?

Everyday life inspires me to create. I’ve written about everything from the excitement at the beginning of a relationship to the despair once it’s broken. I write about empowerment, and strive to tell my stories and stories people can relate to with my music. I try to come from a positive place, taking light and dark issues from a different point of view. Music can definitely illuminate the darkness. My first year in NYC, before I gave in to my musical calling, I was miserable. I needed to tap into my creative side and share that with whoever would listen.

You made your solo debut with “An Old Soul”. How can describe your first music project?

My first album was “An Old Soul”. It was a cover album of jazz standards and soul classics, recorded entirely in analog to give it a true vintage sound. It started out as just a demo, so that I could give venue owners a sample of my voice and line up a few shows, but all of the great NYC artists involved said I should see it through to a full album, and I did. I did all of the old school music that has permeated my life, and then I hit the ground running performing it anywhere I could and working on my performance chops.

What means A Better Picture? Do you feel that this album is you?

“A Better Picture” is my sophomore album. It’s a landmark album for me, because it’s the first time I’ve sung my own original music. It was co-produced by Christian Ver Halen and Jesse Fischer, who are household scenes in the NYC soul scene, and amazing artists in their own rights. All of the songs, whether they are my originals, or the originals of another NYC area songwriter, are at least semi-autobiographical, and speak to me personally. I also have grown a lot as a singer since my first album, which I feel I adequately conveyed in this second album.

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? Do you believe in fairy tales? Which is your favorite fairy tale?

I most strongly remember from my childhood when I first got into cooking. I was an eccentric and precocious little girl, treating my parents’ kitchen like a science lab. Everyone in my family was afraid to eat what I made because it was usually… “interesting” in flavor! But one day I mixed together a bunch of items and it ended up being a really great BBQ sauce. My parents were tentative at first, but eventually my BBQ sauce was used on every meat we ate. That was what really got me into cooking, which is one of my great interests. Food can be an art as much as singing can, which is why it’s called “culinary arts”. My parents were encouraging of my creativity, no matter what form it took.

Is something you want to say? A message for Poping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?

Thank you so much for reaching out to me and finding my music! As an independent artist, having your music break through all of the great stuff out there is 75% of the battle, so it means a lot that you not only love the music, but wanted to get to know more about me as a person. I hope this interview and my album, “A Better Picture”, give you “a better picture” of me as an artist and as a person.



Kat Webb 2

You gave me a better picture of me! Thank you so much Kat Webb!!!


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