Melba Moore is my River!

Melba Moore

A river is flowing towards an ocean, a lake, a sea, or another river. A river is water’s trip. In literature water is a symbol of purification, a symbol of freedom or a symbol of love! Love is the power of a soul, the heartbeat! So, river is a strong heartbeat. (Summer: feel the coolness of water. Αutumn: Tree leaves cover the cold waters. Winter: cold water turns into ice. Spring: this journey starts over!) Feelings turned into ice, a smile became an autumn tree, a soul turned into Spring! A river flows into your soul. You feel the water, the heartbeat, the power, and the dream. As I am listening to Melba Moore I feel her power into my soul. Her voice captures my heartbeat and I feel that Love is everything to me. Because of love I feel complete! Because of Melba Moore I feel the power of water! A new journey starts now into my soul’s water! I follow the flow! Melba Moore is my River!

Thank you!


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