2013 is Beyonce!

beyonce gq1

It’s a busy day. This morning I walked with my dog in a meadow. I saw a newspaper lying down on the grass. Had your picture. I could not read the caption, humidity had destroyed the paper, but your photo stood out. As soon as I got home I called you. You were at home, you had already seen the new painting with your face. You place it over your favourite armchair. It is perfect! Did you read the newspaper? Yes! You’re each day on the front page! You finally return! And this year you will dominate! I am telling you that this is your own year! Oh, world! This is Beyonce’s year! Can’t wait to see you, to listen to your new music! Can’t wait for more! You were, you are and you will be Queen B forever! 2013 is going to be full of your glow, talent, beauty, and strength…. Full of Beyonce power! I can hear you sing! I feel happy! I am going to buy the newspaper! Beyonce on the front page! Everyday! She is coming back! 2013 is Beyonce!

beyonce gq2

Beyonce on the front page! 


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