Exclusive Interview Liv Warfield: We are created by something BIGGER than us!

Liv Warfield 1

Have you ever felt that a voice can touch your soul? Have you ever felt that a song can heal your heart? There are times that an artist embraces you, transmits the beat and makes you feel free! When you need someone, when you feel blue, you can find a friend through music! Liv Warfield has a velvety, sensual, beautiful voice. She can touch your soul, your heart, your beat! She is captivating! I feel so happy that she is talking with me! Poping Cherry proudly presents you Liv Warfield! 2013 brings Liv! Feel her glory! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

You want people to embrace the real you…. but in your eyes, who is the real Liv Warfield?

The real Liv is strong, fearful, full of life and love! Liv is the woman that hits the stage and takes everything this she holds inside off the stage and dares to live out lout on the stage!

“Embrace Me” is an amazing album! How can you describe the album? How you felt during the making of it?  What’s next in your life?

The album is a diary of some of my life stories in a form of poetry. “Embrace me” can go so many different ways…It describes some life lessons of a young woman learning to love and learning to love herself in this life… The album was made with a good friend of mine named Dave Whipple. We would sit for hours and hours while he would play rhodes and I would be singing all kinds of melodies! It was a process… But it came so easy… We made music that was truthful, honest and free. I wanted to capture an essence of my spirit at the time and I wanted it to be musical. I had the honor of having the amazing Bernard “Pretty” Purdie play drums on “ABC’s”… That was such a magical moment in the studio!  I told him to keep all of his singing while he was playing…every breath, nuance, you name it… I wanted people to feel this album.. its from the heart. As, far as whats next…There is always something going on…I’ve been writing quite a bit and prepping a new album. I’ve been writing close to 30-40 songs but I can’t use them all…I take my time and I want the music to reflect the spirit. I’ve changed a lot since “Embrace Me” and I can’t wait to share another story.

Do you believe in God? In Angels? Do you believe in you that you are here to guide everyone who believes in you?

Yes I believe in God and angels. Absolutely! I don’t think I’m here to guide people.. People make decisions for themselves. I think sometimes I’m given messages from a spiritual place. And so I share those messages. Having LIFE is a blessing. Period. To breathe, smile, laugh, cry are all emotions that we are fortunate to have. We have to first understand that we are created by something BIGGER than us. We are all vessels in someway shape or form… we are all messengers.

What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?  Can music illuminate the darkness?

I’m inspired by people, events, life, children. I mean the list could fill this whole page. Right now, I feel like I’m inclined to talk about the ways of the world. It’s not in the best shape. Musically, I want to create a sort of libretto. I want to bring the lyrical and musical elements back when we just listening to all of the instruments..Sort of like Issac Hayes… the way he would tell a story but talk about whats happening in the world today. Music can absolutely illuminate darkness!! It can heal!



Liv Warfield 2

Your voice can heal the darkness! Than you so much Liv!!!



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