Exclusive Interview Dawn Richard: I knew I was built for something bigger! I felt it!

Dawn Richard Goldenheart Cover

Deep into the forest, beneath the old trees is an ongoing battle. A knight fights with his mind and a fairy fights with her heart. The forest seems to ache. It wants serenity. And then she comes through a dream. Everybody stops. She looks like an illusion. She sings into the cold forest and the flowers begin to bloom. A miracle! Her stunning voice heals everyone’s soul! Her dazzling beauty fills the dark days with light! She has a golden heart!  She is breathtaking! Dawn Richard came to change our musical globe! I am so happy that I had the chance to talk with her! Ladies and gentleman Poping Cherry proudly presents the new shining star! Dawn Richard is here! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Goliath defeated by the young David.  I close my eyes as I am listening to your voice and I feel like David! Ready to win!  Music that inspires the world!  Can you feel your music power?  Who is Dawn Richard in your eyes?

I’m just a fighter with a voice that has story that should be told.  I know our message has power. I pray the world not only hears it, but relates to it, moves to it, and feels inspired to move forward in life with it!

Goldenheart is a masterpiece! Is a way to imagine the future/ to dream the present/ to think the past!  Is a way to travel in a parallel musical universe, to listen beautiful music!  And this is just the beginning of a trilogy! How can you describe the album?

Exactly as you just have! It’s so rewarding to see hearts out there who completely understand the journey! It’s a cinematic experience.  It is other worldly yet so in the now. And your words couldn’t be more exact!

I tuned in your frequency. I feel spellbound!  Do you believe that you are here to inspire the world?  What inspires you to create?

I do believe I was put here to share this story.  I believe my struggles were purposeful. I needed to know hurt to understand freedom and I feel this music speaks that. I needed an amazing team of people. The right producers, (Druski and Deonte), writer (Carla Carter), engineer (Stan Greene), graphic team (Kyle Cabrol) director (Eugene Lang) and Choreographer (Anthony Jackson) to pull this amazing story off. My trials and my triumphs inspire me. And so do the hearts. Their stories are parallel to mine. We are one in the same and they inspire me everyday.

How can you describe your childhood? A little girl playing with her friends, or a little star ready to dominate the music world?

An oddball never really caring to fit in.  I was always involved with activities. Never playing, always focused whether it was athletics, dance, cheer, bowling or academics. I was involved in so much that I never did what other kids did. I always performed in whatever I did, always proving, always fighting – even as a child.  I knew I was built for something bigger; I felt it.

Do you have a secret/ a message to share with Poping Cherry?

My music is my secret and my message. I feel that when I share my music, I share myself.  You all have been given my inner most secret – my trilogy.



Dawn Richard 1

Dawn Richard 2

Your music is my secret and my message! Thank you so much Dawn Richard!


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