Prince said: Breakfast Can Wait!


Your teacher said: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Your doctor said: Breakfast can’t wait!

Your mother said: Eat your cereals before school!

Your dad said: Milk or orange juice?

You remember all these cereals, pancakes, milk, fruits…. you always wanted ice cream before school because sugar was good and your teacher was bad! You were a happy kid but you always thought that Breakfast Could Wait! Years go by and fresh cup of coffee became your breakfast. Your mum was ready to explode when she was picking the dishes and the only thing missing was the steaming hot coffee! And when you met the 3rd eye girl you knew! She was always with you! She was the one who talked you in your sleep. She was the one who teaches you that Breakfast Can Wait! So now, you wake up but you don’t need Breakfast because now you found love! And Prince, the majesty of music came to reminds you the truth! You know that Breakfast Can Wait!


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