Whitney Houston: Nothin’ But Love!


I open a box full with memories. I feel a light touch inside of my soul. A touch into my pained heart. One song is playing without stopping. As I listen to your voice you enter as a mirage into the room. A luminous mirage! Flowers grow all around you, everything is transformed into a living dream. A year ago they told me that you gone. I never believed it. How can a star be extinguished? Stars are the light of heaven. You are the light of our soul. I grew up with you. I have lived with your voice. I felt pain by your own pain and I laughed with your own joy. Those feelings are forever. Nobody can delete the feelings, the memories… Nobody can delete life. You’re here beside me right now smiling at me! You whisper a song. Your voice echoes across the universe. You hold my hand into your hand. Now the pain became hope! Together we continue! Your voice is the beginning! I feel love! Nothing but Love!


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