Exclusive Interview Meshell Ndegeocello: I am lucky to find inspiration in my own imagination!

Meshell Ndegeocello 1

In the endless water of the ocean, where the fish are rulers of the liquid world, where peace reigns, there is a black rock made of lava. Carved by the waves and the sea breeze stands in the middle of nowhere! I am there. I see the clear water, I say hello to the liquid universe and I feel free. I don’t need anything else except Meshell Ndegeocello’s voice. As I am listening to her, I feel her greatness into my soul. That’s why I am dreaming! But this is not just a dream, this is life and I feel free, happy and proud because Meshell talked to Poping Cherry! Now, I can swim in the ocean without fear! Meshell Ndegeocello is here! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

As I am listening to your voice I feel free, ethereal…. I am ready to fly! You inspire me because you are “free like a bird”! But how can you describe yourself? Who is Meshell Ndegeocello?

Someone uncomfortable with that question. Ever changing. Unresolved. Work in progress. A searcher.

“Pour une Âme Souveraine: A Dedication to Nina Simone” is a masterpiece! Is a way to dream/to live/to feel/ a way to listen music! How can you describe the experience/the album?

A long time coming, at least for Nina. I don’t feel like we are the same, Nina and I, but I do feel that she deserves as much recognition as she can get. Making this album brought me closer to her greatness, to her songwriting, political activism, her struggle, her heartache, and for that it was worth it. I also was able to work with people I feel continue in her legacy – people who resist the categories, the pandering, the gloss of the industry and always strive for originality and satisfaction.

In our days everybody hurts. Everybody needs affection. In our days the world need help! How important is for you to offer help? Can music illuminate the pain?

It is important for me and everyone else to help however we can. Music can never take the place of clean water, peace, access to education, an absence of tyranny but if it offers anyone any relief, I am grateful to have been of service.

What inspires you to create? What makes you feel strong?

I am lucky to find inspiration in my own imagination. I think that might be what keeps me strong as well. And my family.

When you consider everything that has proceed do you feel that you have lived numerous and disparate lives? What do you dream for tomorrow?

I dream just to be good, do good, feel good. Everyday.



Meshell Ndegeocello 2

I feel YOUR greatness into MY soul! Thank you Meshell Ndegeocello!


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