Exclusive Interview Kia Muze: One action and one seed of faith at a time, go after your heart’s desire!

Kia Muze 1

I feel a storm overwhelms my mind. These lights disappear into the black waters. I listen to the wind that blows and is the only sound that shocking me. I see a little rabbit running in the street. Seems happy and free. Beneath the bridge a dolphin is dancing and winks at me. This is a sign. And then I see a figure to emerge. Through the fog and the darkness she is the only light! As long as she approaches me I feel serenity flooding my soul! The prophecy was true! A new super hero arrived in the universe! She came through the tunes! Now I feel powerful! Kia Muze came back with her first EP! Beautiful music meets a unique voice! It’s time to discover, to listen, to live her power! I discovered Kia a few months ago. She became one of my favorite new artists! Loved her passion, her voice, her point of view! She became a major part of Poping Cherry! That’s why right now Poping Cherry celebrates! Our new Superhero is here! And she is better than ever! Poping Cherry proudly presents Kia Muze! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

“Superhero” A powerful album which can release the beauty of music across the universe! How can you describe the album/the feelings/the power of music?

The album is bold sonically, big drums, big vocals, big guitars.  I have spent a lot of my career, especially when I was doing musical theater, trying to sound like someone from an Original Broadway Cast album in order to land the role, or fit into a mold of what a producer thought an R and B singer should sound like.  So it has taken me a while to figure out that I am a big voiced, emotional singer and that is what you will hear.  The subject matter of the album is love.  I love being in love, I love writing about love.  Love feels amazing and there are so many different aspects of it to talk about, I will never be able to exhaust the subject.  Music has the power to instantly change your mood, your thoughts and outlook.  It is a powerful tool that we can use to encourage and uplift. That is one of my primary goals with my songs.

Now that the album is released can you describe me how do you feel about it? The first moment you realized that you had it in your hands?

To have the project finished sets off many emotions.  To begin with, I feel like I have accomplished a major life goal that I have had since I was young.  The fact that I produced 90% of it makes me feel even more excited.  I have been a musician my whole life, but learning music software and programming has been a crash course over the last 5 years as I have been working at two of the top music software companies in the industry, and still really I have only scratched the surface.  I am excited and slightly nervous to share what I have been working on all of this time but also eager to let the songs be free to tell their own story. When I first got a packaged disc in my hand and saw my face staring back at me from the actual CD, I just laughed out loud and thanked the Lord and then I danced around the room for a minute. It was fantastic!!

Why did you call it Superhero?

I named the EP Superhero after the last track.  It’s about digging down to your core and releasing the faith to step into an extraordinary kind of life. I feel like that is what I working on constantly.

If you could be a Superhero, who you would like to be?

If I could be any Superhero I would be Wonder Woman.  Her costume is the best and her lasso of Truth would come in very handy!!! 🙂

What makes you feel brighter? What can illuminate the darkness?

When I am feeling down, I listen to alot of gospel music and it encourages me and helps me to put challenges in their proper place, which is under my feet. I like to listen to the Clark Sisters, especially Karen Clark Sheard, JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise, J Moss, and Frank Hammond.  In answer to the question about what can illuminate the darkness, for me, its Jesus.  His perfect love and kindness toward me, is humbling and always shows me that there is no situation where He cannot bring me out into peace and victory.

Do you believe in Angels? Maybe one of them protects you!

Yes, I do believe in angels.  I ask my angels every day to encamp around me and protect me as I go about my day.  With all of the mass shootings and lawlessness happening in our world today, I don’t want to ignore my help!  I lived in New York during 9/11.  I was dong an open ended assignment at a law firm in one of the towers that particular summer and would have still been working there if I had not had the inkling to seek a better opportunity at a different firm in midtown.  I asked in July to be reassigned. I thank God for that all the time.

Is something you want to say? A message for Poping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?

I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my supporters, family and friends. To everyone who has taken 5 minutes to listen to a song or watch a video, or buy my single, or just send a note of encouragement, I really love all of you. Your encouragement keeps me motivated on the nights when I’m tired and just want to go to sleep instead of recording and during the times that it seems like nothing is happening.  I would encourage all of your readers to not let December 2013 see them the same way they were in Jan 2013. One action and one seed of faith at a time, go after your heart’s desire. It’s worth it.



Kia Muze 2

Kia Muze 3

Your voice is a sign! Music is better now! Thank you Kia Muze!


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