I am a piece of a Gaga world!


I see a little trickle of rain. Doing its own journey. Begins in the clouds and ends up deep into the earth. A drop is living only for a few minutes. An umbrella will open, a little kid will look the sky, a dove will wait to quench the thirst and a plant will grow. A small drop of great power! There’s no way I could stop to feel the drop power/the rain purgation! I always feel every rain drop into my soul. When I was a kid I thought that when I grow up I would become a cloud. A blue dark cloud that travels around the world and ends up into the deep blue ocean. I am not art of a painter, I am not even a poet’s inspiration…. Who am I? I am pure art! I am pop! I am a piece of the universe! I am a piece of a Gaga world! I am her Artpop!


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